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Biden Tries to Take a Victory Lap on Chinese Spy Balloon and Gets Clobbered

President Joe Biden tried to take a victory lap Saturday afternoon for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon and people let him have it since he had it shot down after traveling across the entire country. It’s like celebrating a last-minute touchdown meaning you only lost the game by a score of 92-7. The balloon had […]

RINO McCarthy Says Ashli Babbitt was a Righteous Kill

Here we go again. RINO Kevin McCarthy claims that Lt. Michael Byrd’s killing of unarmed Ashli babbitt was justified. President Trump on the other hand calls it just what it was, murder. Babbitt was unarmed and not threatening anyone when she was shot down in cold blood by an officer with a checkered past. Byrd […]

Gov. Sununu Considers Presidential Bid: ‘Trump Can’t Beat Biden in 2024’

On Sunday, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and made the claim that former President Donald Trump could not come back and beat President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. Truthfully, I think my rooster could beat Biden in the election, and my rooster is not the brightest fella in […]

Lyin Biden Claims China Spy Balloons Flew ‘Undetected’ During Trump Admin

After receiving serious backlash for waiting DAYS to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon that floated across sever states, including sensitive military sites. the Biden administration is now claiming that similar balloons also floated across the country undetected during the Trump administration. *Major Side Eye* An unnamed defense official told Fox News that Chinese spy balloons […]