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Manchin Unloads On Democrats In Highlighting Problems With America

Have you noticed that Joe Manchin has suddenly taken the offensive against Democrats and the Biden administration? And if you have noticed, why do you think that is? There are two possibilities that I can think of and they both hold water. Manchin could be attacking the same things most Americans are and that is […]

Ohio Suffers Another Norfolk Southern Train Derailment Involving 20 Cargo Cars

At the beginning of February, a train carrying hazardous material derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The toxic chemicals were therefore released into the environment, killing wildlife and livestock, as well as contaminating all local bodies of water. On Saturday night, there was ANOTHER Norkfolk Southern train derailment near Springfield, Ohio. A company spokesperson has assured […]

California to Mexico: Don’t Tell Us Your Crap Don’t Stink

A recent health study has determined that Californians in the Southern part of the state, including San Diego are breathing in the fumes of the sewerage from Mexico. According to a study from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego, the raw sewerage from Mexico travels along the Tijuana River […]