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Maricopa County Lawyer Admits Their Signature Verification Sucks

Now, tell us something we didn’t know. Legal teams for Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake appeared in court over signature verification standards. To say the system is faulty is like Noah, saying it looks like rain. The examples already shown by Lake’s legal team are the election equivalent of common core math. You don’t have […]

Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Testifies in Kari Lake Trial She Felt “Pressured” by Supervisors Sending Already Rejected Signatures Back to Them for Approval

On the first day of hearings on Kari Lake’s lawsuit on signature verification, level one signature reviewer Jacqueline Onigkeit was the first witness. She testified that ballots that were rejected based on the fact that the signatures did not match were sent back by supervisors with orders to approve them the second time. She says […]

Biden’s DOJ Fires Every IRS Investigator Working on Hunter’s Case

Look on the bright side. At least this time Biden got investigators fired without costing Americans $1 billion dollars like it did when he got the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter fired. This could have been retribution or it could be that this is a major setback in trying to hold Hunter Biden accountable […]