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Kavanaugh, Roberts Do It Again, Side With Dems In Key SCOTUS Ruling

The Supreme Court recently issued a 5-4 ruling that Alabama’s electoral map for congressional elections must be redrawn in order to comply with the provisions of the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA). This ruling was met with criticism from four justices who were appointed by Republicans, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. […]

California Bill Incentivizes ‘Transgendering’ Kids to Win Custody Disputes

California is attempting to weaponize gender identity in child custody disputes. A new bill proposed by the state assembly would require judges to favor any parent who “affirms” a child’s gender identity over a parent who does not. This would be treated as if it were a violation of the health, safety, and welfare of […]

Why The New Imperial Leader Is Far More Dangerous Than George Soros Ever Was

For years, George Soros has been the prime example of a villain in the eyes of many conservative and alternative media outlets. The phrase “Soros-backed District Attorney” has been used so often since 2015 that Google gave up on suppressing it. Now, with Alex Soros taking control of his father’s $25 billion empire, this reign […]