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CCP’s ‘NeuroStrike’ Program Pushing Cognitive Warfare to a New Level

A recent report has revealed that Communist China has taken the lead in developing “NeuroStrike weapons” – and these weapons target brain function. The 12-page report, written by three intelligence analysts, stated that the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army have been working on devices capable of using microwaves or other directed energy […]

Nurse Kills Patient By Having Sex With Him In Hospital Parking Lot

A shocking incident has been reported in Britain, where a nurse was found to have engaged in an affair with a patient for over a year. The relationship ended tragically when the man died after having sex with her in the hospital’s parking lot. This news has sparked outrage among conservative Republicans who are concerned […]

Adviser Allegedly Defrauded Gold Star Families of Death Benefits

A financial counselor with the U.S. Army Reserves is facing numerous criminal charges for allegedly defrauding Gold Star families, according to the Justice Department. Caz Craffy of Colts Neck, New Jersey, stands accused of swindling grieving family members out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in military benefits by executing trades using their money and […]