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Biden Admin About To Get Tested By Another SCOTUS Ruling In Moore vs. U.S. Case

The Supreme Court is set to make a key decision that could potentially affect President Joe Biden’s proposed wealth tax, a move which could have major implications for the future of taxation in the US. The case, Moore v. United States, concerns whether the federal government can impose taxes on stock gains – something which […]

Environmental Protester Glues His Hand To The Pavement, Must Be Rescued By Firefighters

Thursday’s disruption of air traffic at Hamburg and Duesseldorf airports serves as yet another example of the troubling trend of whacked-out environmental activists putting their own agenda before public safety. Letzte Generation, an activist organization, employed a concrete and epoxy resin mixture to glue their hands to asphalt, effectively blocking runways and leaving thousands of […]

Detroit Police Commissioner Resigns After Being Caught With Prostitute In Car

The recent news of Bryan Ferguson’s resignation as Detroit Police Commissioner for District 1 has raised alarm for many in the community. It was recently revealed that Ferguson was caught with a prostitute in his car, and then attempted to ask police officers to help him out of the situation. Ferguson officially resigned from his […]