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Russia Claims State Dept. and Atlantic Council Censor Info on US Biolabs Run by Bill Gates and Hunter Biden-linked Metabiota

The U.S. State Department has launched an active outreach campaign in order to neutralize Russian accusations that the U.S. military biologists had violated the provisions of the Biological Weapons Convention, as stated by a Russian Defense Ministry presentation presented on July 14th by Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov. Kirillov claims that the International Science and Technology […]

Fox News Ratings In Freefall As Primetime Reshuffle Fails

The news that Fox News has taken a drastic ratings nosedive and is now behind MSNBC in terms of viewership can only be described as shocking. With their decision to fire Tucker Carlson and revamp their primetime lineup, they have seemingly made a misstep which may prove difficult to recover from. The inside scoop on […]