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Elderly Female Lowe’s Worker Fired After Being Beaten While Trying to Stop Thieves

Donna Hansbrough, a 68-year-old employee of Lowe’s in Rincon, Georgia, recently experienced a violent altercation with three suspected thieves. The incident ended with her being fired from her 13-year job at the store for violating company policy. The confrontation began when Donna noticed three people loading up a shopping cart and attempting to leave without […]

Starving 8-Year-Old Girl Jumps From Second Story, Walks Miles For Food

The recent story from West Virginia of an eight-year-old girl jumped from a second-story window and walked barefoot and alone late at night to seek food has stirred shock, outrage, and sorrow across the nation. On July 7th, at approximately 10:30 pm, the unnamed girl walked into a Family Dollar store in Arnoldsburg, West Virginia. […]

Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off Set To Prove A Point To Miranda Lambert

The recent controversy involving Miranda Lambert has stirred up an intense debate on the ABC midday talk show “The View”. Lambert had publicly chastised fans for taking selfies in the front row while she was performing at a concert, leading to co-host Sunny Hostin arguing that if someone pays as much money as Lambert’s fans […]