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Brawl Between Women In Las Vegas Hotel Attributed To Adulterous Affair

The recent fight between four women at the Wynn Las Vegas is a cautionary tale of the dangers of infidelity and betrayal. According to a police report, the altercation was sparked by one woman’s adulterous relationship with another woman’s husband. The video footage shows Danielle Pertusiello, 24, in a two-piece dress with her skirt hiked […]

Woman Can’t Hold It, Pees On The Floor Of Spirit Airliner

A video was shared online that captured a weird incident involving an unidentified woman aboard a Spirit Airlines flight. In the video, the woman is heard shouting that she needed to use the restroom but had been told that she couldn’t. So obviously, she proceeded to just squat down and relieve herself on the floor […]

Basketball Referee Attacked and Beaten on Court by Girls Team

On Sunday, at the Next Level Classic in Fairland, Indiana, a disturbing incident occurred when members of a Cincinnati girls basketball team attacked and beat a referee at the end of a game. Video footage shows the referee being swarmed by players before being punched. Witnesses report that upon falling to the court after the […]