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Video Released: 98-Year-Old Newspaper Owner Dies a Day After Police Force Raids Home

The recent release of footage by the Marion County Record has raised serious questions about the conduct of a five-officer police force, along with two sheriff’s deputies, during an operation that resulted in the tragic death of 98-year-old newspaper owner Joan Meyer. Eric Meyer, who owns and publishes The Marion County Record, alongside his mother […]

Watch: Bodycam video shows Seattle burglar chugging gasoline as police arrest him

In a shocking incident, Seattle police responded to a home invasion call on Friday. According to the father’s 911 call, a man carrying a wooden stick had broken into his residence while his 17-year-old daughter was present. Upon arriving on the scene, officers were presented with an even more peculiar situation as they discovered the […]

Police Records Show Obama’s Chef’s Clothing Were Found ‘Separate From the Body’

Judicial Watch has uncovered newly-obtained records from the Edgarton Police Department in Massachusetts, through the state’s Public Records Law, which has raised serious questions regarding the death of Obama’s former personal chef Tafari Campbell. The reports indicate that his clothing was found separated from his body and that the Secret Service had reported him missing. […]