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Russians Circumvent Sanctions, Produce Seven Times More Ammo Than US and Europe

For months, the mainstream media perpetuated the narrative that, due to sanctions, not only was the Russian economy doomed to fail, but they were also running out of ammunition and military equipment. This narrative has since been proven false Every day, reports from the frontlines revealed how the Russian Federation forces were outmaneuvering their Ukrainian […]

Executives of Non-Profit Group Reveal How They Are Sneaking Woke LGBTQ+ Curriculum Into Elementary Schools and Indoctrinating Children WITHOUT Parental Knowledge

A concerning video has been released which depicts the leaders of a New Jersey non-profit organization demonstrating how they have surreptitiously introduced sexual and LGBTQ+ material into classrooms without notifying parents. HiTOPS, which works in schools throughout New Jersey and the United States, is exposing children as young as second graders to its radical left-wing […]

Kevin McCarthy Defiant Amid Threats from GOP Members to Remove Him as House Speaker

This week, tensions within the Republican Party reached a boiling point when Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) publicly challenged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for failing to deliver on promises made during his campaign for leadership. At a closed-door meeting with Republican House members on Thursday, The Hill reported that McCarthy became increasingly agitated by the growing […]