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Airstrikes kill two top Hamas leaders as Israel retaliates

Israel has recently eliminated two prominent Hamas leaders in response to terrorist attacks originating from the Gaza Strip. Joad Abu Shmalah, Minister of Economy for Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Zachariah Abu Ma’amar, a senior member of Hamas’ political bureau, have been reported as casualties. As Israel Prepares Major Ground Operation, Airstrikes Kill Two […]

DA Willis Rebukes Jim Jordan For Pressuring Her To Answer Questions About Georgia RICO Investigation Into Trump

Fani Willis, the Far-Left Fulton County District Attorney, sternly rebuked House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan on Wednesday for inquiring about her investigation into possible RICO and conspiracy violations committed by President Trump and his 18 associates and lawyers. Willis reiterated her unwillingness to cooperate with Jordan’s request while asserting that he was unaware of the […]