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21 Migrant Sex Offenders Busted in One Texas Border Sector in 7 Weeks

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested 21 criminal aliens with prior convictions for sex offenses, many of which were against children.

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Juan Bernal posted the mugshots of these individuals, who had illegally crossed the border between ports of entry since October 1.

All migrants undergoing arrest are subject to a biometric background check, intended to prevent this type of criminal from re-entering the United States.

“Due to the hard work and dedication of our agents, these dangerous individuals were not able to enter our country,” Chief Bernal stated.

On November 18, Chief Bernal reported the arrest of an individual encountered in the vicinity of Brackettville, Texas, who had a prior conviction for sexual contact with a minor aged 11 or younger.

In another post, Bernal reported the arrest of a Mexican national with a prior conviction for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Between FY23 and FY22, there was a significant increase in the number of migrants with criminal convictions encountered by Border Patrol agents.

Over 27,295 criminal aliens were apprehended during this time period, exceeding the total of 21,936 from FY17-FY20 under former President Donald Trump’s administration by 24%. In October alone, 1,559 criminal aliens were detained.

These criminals had committed a variety of offenses including indecency with a child, first degree rape of a minor, unlawful sexual contact with a minor and sexual exposure to a child.

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  1. 21 illegal aliens in 7 weeks in ONE sector. Makes you wonder in the 2 1/2 years under the Biden Administration: How many got away? How many got away in all the other sectors in just the last 7 weeks?

    Also, how many sex slave traffickers? A few years ago Homeland Security did DNA checks on a sample of illegal immigrants claiming to be ‘families’. The DNA tests showed 25% of these groups had NO ONE in their group that was related.

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