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40 Human Skulls Found In Kentucky Man’s Apartment

The recent discovery of 40 human skulls in a Kentucky apartment has raised serious concerns about the trafficking of stolen human remains that were trafficked from Harvard Medical School’s morgue.

On Tuesday, FBI agents served a search warrant on the home and arrested James Nott, who lived there. The grisly discovery is only one development in a larger investigation into stolen body parts originating from Harvard Medical School and an Arkansas morgue.

The initial tip that led to this investigation came from Jeremy Pauley’s home in Pennsylvania where officers found human remains including organs and skin.

It was determined that Pauley was using Facebook to purchase these body parts from a woman working at Little Rock Mortuary in Arkansas.

This led to six people being charged with selling and stealing body parts from Harvard Medical School as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

Cedric Lodge, who managed the Anatomical Gifts Program at Harvard Medical School, is one of those accused of taking part in this illicit activity by stealing and selling human remains for medical research purposes.

However, it is still unclear how many people may have been involved or what purpose these bodies were being used for outside of medical research such as decoration or other means which would be even more disturbing than simply stealing them for research purposes alone.

It is likely that further investigations will uncover facts related to why someone would collect so many skulls for decoration or any other purpose they might have been used for outside of legitimate scientific inquiry or education purposes.

In order to prevent any such criminal activity involving stolen bodies going forward, it will be important for legal authorities to conduct thorough investigations into any suspicious activities related to trafficking body parts in order to bring justice to those responsible while ensuring everyone’s safety going forward.

This case highlights not only an alarming trend but also serves as a reminder that no matter what your background may be criminals can come from all walks of life.

These gruesome discoveries leave more questions than answers, however, it does serve as a stark reminder that criminal organizations, whether they harvest stolen organs sell smuggled goods, are lurking in our own back yards.


Approximately 40 human skulls were found among bones and body parts inside a Kentucky apartment.

The discovery was made as FBI agents served a search warrant Tuesday in connection with the investigation into stolen human remains that were trafficked from Harvard Medical School’s morgue.

James Nott, who lives in the apartment, was arrested after the discovery.

Federal investigators initially received a tip that there were possibly human remains at another home, that of Jeremy Pauley in Pennsylvania. After officers found human remains — including organs and skin — the FBI determined Pauley was buying the remains through Facebook from a woman who worked at a mortuary in Little Rock, Arkansas.




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  1. I thought I had heard everything in my long life. Guess not! Always another freak pops up, doing freaky things. I guess if the human mind can think of it, someone will do it. Wow…just what in the world would a person do with human remains??

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