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78-year-old Florida man allegedly stuffed wife’s remains into 3 suitcases

On Thursday, William Lowe Jr., 78, was taken into custody by Delray Beach Police for allegedly killing his wife, 80-year-old Aydil Barbosa Fontes.

Despite the suspect’s attorney insisting that he is not guilty, police are convinced they have a strong case against him.

The investigation began on July 21 when police received word that three suitcases filled with human remains were found in the intracoastal waterway.

Upon further inspection, two additional bags were located as well. Witnesses and surveillance video eventually led police to Lowe’s home where evidence of a crime scene was found.

When officers attempted to arrest him at the residence he tried to enter through a rear window and stated that he only wanted his phone and keys to his storage unit.

Inside the storage unit was a bloody chainsaw which had evidence of human remains on it according to authorities.

This gruesome discovery shocked even seasoned detectives like Mike Liberta who said “I’d say this is probably the worst I’ve seen.”

Police Chief Russ Mager also commented during a press conference saying “Today, I can tell you the victim has since been identified as well as the individual who committed this heinous crime.”

Lowe appeared in front of a bond court judge on Thursday and has been ordered to be held without bond until his trial begins.

Jeff Morris, Lowe’s attorney maintains that his client is innocent and insists “he’s looking forward to defending himself against these charges.”






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  1. Had she already died and he could not afford the Undertakers and cemitary costs? Perhaps he was doing what she wanted and returned her to her favorite place, he sea.

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