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8-Week-Old Son of January 6th Defendant Placed on Government’s “Quiet Skies” Terrorist Watchlist

Last week, AJ Fischer was placed on the Quiet Skies terrorist watchlist, along with his 8-week-old infant.

The only suspected explanation for the designation is that Fischer is a J6 defendant and the infant’s father; however, this reason is not considered reasonable.

AJ Fischer’s infant has been labelled as a “Suspected Domestic Terrorist” due to the fact that Fischer, a United States Veteran, is currently awaiting trial for charges arising from the events of January 6th.

Interestingly, Fischer himself did not book their ticket; instead, his fiancée booked it separately and weeks apart from her partner. Both she and the infant were nowhere near Washington D.C. on that date.

Nonetheless, every time either of them books a flight now, they are required to get boarding passes stamped with “SSSS” indicating they are “suspected domestic terrorists”, while also being listed in the Quiet Skies database in connection with AJ Fischer’s case with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

United States Combat Veteran AJ Fischer is advocating for a revolutionary change of venue to move his case away from the allegedly prejudiced DC court system.

Help him fund his legal defense HERE.

The Quiet Skies program, as outlined in an Oct. 12 column from UncoverDC, is being used to target J6ers such as Bryan Smith – a 20-plus year military veteran who attended the Jan. 6 protest peacefully in order to contest the 2020 General Election.

Smith has stated that Quiet Skies is an undisclosed TSA program that focuses on travelers who are not currently under investigation by any agency and are not listed in the Terrorist Screening Database.

Similarly, all three travelers mentioned, including Fischer’s infant, were designated with the ‘SSSS’ designation printed on their boarding passes because they were traveling with Smith’s father; Fischer himself had served in the Air Force between 2013 and 2017.

AJ Fischer, US Air Force Combat Veteran and Trauma Medic, is now a target of Biden’s Department of Justice.

The acronym “SSSS” is a cause for concern as it triggers a set of potentially unnecessary actions by airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Federal Air Marshals that result in the targeted individual being subjected to enhanced screening.

This process can be time-consuming and extensive, requiring swabbing of zippers, pockets, and hems of clothing items belonging to the individual in question, alongside strip searches and demands to power up any device they may possess.

The entire procedure can take several hours to complete.

Fischer reported that, in addition to the potentially unconstitutional and invasive procedures, his extended screening caused him and his fiancee to miss their flight.

Consequently, they had to purchase all new flights for their family. Fischer relayed that the ticket counter took 45 minutes to issue tickets due to difficulty checking them in and TSA took over an hour for a search; despite knowing their flight was boarding and leaving.

He expressed feeling harassed, disrespected, and as if he was living in a “police state”.

AJ Fischer, a United States Veteran and defendant of the January 6th incident, has an exemplary military record. It is not the first occurrence that Fischer and his fiancée have been subjected to additional screening.

“My fiancée and I were subjected to this SSSS harassment and codes on our boarding pass months prior while she was pregnant when flying to Arizona. Because my fiancée didn’t attend J6 and has no involvement in anything related to my actions or activism, we were instructed at that time to book flights separately so she wouldn’t be flagged.

We did that this time; she booked her own reservation with our 8-week-old son, and I booked my own ticket at a later date. They were still SSSS’ed. The TSA pat-downs and search of our belongings caused us to miss our flight. We pleaded with the agents to hurry up as we watched the clock tick down until the flight departed. They wouldn’t even allow us to change our son’s soiled diaper, and my fiancée and son were in tears.”

In early October, UncoverDC spoke with retired Federal Air Marshal Sonya LaBosco who elaborated on the Quiet Skies program and its associated screening and tracking procedures.

She noted that many people placed on the watchlist did not deserve to be there.

In April 2023, LaBosco wrote an article for UncoverDC in which she detailed the experience of a “20-plus-year Federal Air Marshal Service veteran” whose wife was labeled a “Domestic Terrorist” and added to the Quiet Skies watchlist even though “she had never been charged with any crime” related to J6.

LaBosco explained that according to TSA paperwork, Bill’s wife had broken into the United States Capitol Building on Jan. 6 2021; however, while she had been in D.C., her GPS locations, Uber and hotel receipts showed she was nowhere near the Capitol Building.

Through this example, LaBosco highlighted how Quiet Skies works in practice.

“Sometimes they put things on these lists to say, well, they are potential domestic terrorists because they labeled them with having broken into the Capitol. So, what happens anytime that person books travel? They cannot check in remotely. You know the online services that you can check in online or check your bag in online and then give it to the curb? All that stuff is done. It’s over. Once you’re on this list, you cannot check in remotely.

Then, when you go to the ticket counter, you’re going to see the ticket counter person kind of freak out because it’s going to be like it’s going to show on a computer that you’re one of those bad, bad people. They’re not going to let you take your own luggage from the ticket counter. TSA will come and get your luggage for you. They’re going to take your luggage if you’re going to check it in, and then they’re going to follow and escort you to the security line. Then they will put you through special, extra security.

After security, they’re going to have people watching you going through to your gate. When you get to the gate, TSA’s going to reverse screen you again. They’re going to come to the gate and only pull you and your family. Whoever you’re flying with now is on the list, too, so your entire family. So if you’ve got small kids or grandmothers or whoever is flying with you, they’re all going to be on the list because they’re flying with him.

There will be a connector too. They’re gonna rescreen at the gate, take your luggage, go back through it, and you’re going to have a minimum of three air marshals on the flight, a minimum of three on every flight you take. And if he’s on standby, if he’s one of these guys that takes standby, we’ve had nine air marshals on standby in one day for an elderly lady, one lady, a grandma. Didn’t even do anything. She wasn’t even at the capital. She was in another place at the rally in D.C. Nine Air Marshall standing by in a day.”

Alarmingly, LaBosco, who now advocates for Air Marshals in her work with the private association Air Marshal National Council (AMNC), reports that many travelers have no idea they are being tracked.

She has heard numerous horror stories from Air Marshals coming to her for assistance. LaBosco states:

[American citizens have] “no clue half the time that they are being tracked. Marshals will sit between/by you in the airport or between you on the plane. They will sit and talk with you to get information from you. And Air Marshals will tell me, ‘This person is harmless. They should probably realize not to talk so much to somebody they don’t know. They spill the beans, and it lets you know they have nothing to hide. They don’t realize they are being followed.’ And sometimes we are following them from their houses. It isn’t just at the airport or on the plane. We are going door-to-door for them.

Active Air Marshals reach out to me when stuff goes wrong because they know I will scream at the top of my lungs to make sure we avoid another 9/11. However, they are also often embarrassed and question their jobs because of who they are following and what they are being asked to do. They will often tell me, ‘It doesn’t feel right to be following certain people. They feel like they are violating their constitutional rights.”


Labosco stated that American participants within the program are stored in a nation-wide database, each with a photograph.

As a result, Air Marshals on board flights have access to images of potential suspects, as well as personal information such as their offence and designation code which denotes them as suspected domestic terrorists.


Furthermore, Labosco asserted that false allegations were made against many individuals concerning breaking into the Capitol building.

According to LaBosco, “Everyone who flew into D.C. and its surrounding area on or around Jan. 6 is a potential terrorism suspect,” a terrifying thought, to say the least. LaBosco elaborates on measures that went into place in Jan. 2021. “The FBI came to TSA, in the beginning, asking for every manifest for every traveler who flew in and out of the National Capitol Region that day. The TSA got the list to the FBI and ingested it into the TSA’s national security database. I have seen the records,” LaBosco continued, “I can prove it. The TSA actually went one step ahead and put that this person or that [person] broke into the Capitol on their internal sheet.”

LaBosco argued that the Quiet Skies program, which has been implemented since 2010, is an inefficient waste of resources as it has yet to yield any terrorists.

She further noted that this program has cost the TSA approximately $394 million despite not providing increased safety for travelers.

LaBosco asserted that Air Marshals are not being treated as law enforcement officers, but instead as a form of theatrical performance.

Consequently, she suggested that this is creating low morale among Air Marshals and causing record suicides.

“We are experiencing real issues, and internally, there is so much pressure because we can’t do our jobs right. Our job is to get terrorists, and that happens on the aircraft while we are sitting on the plane. We are trained to intervene while strapped to a 12,000-gallon weapon of mass destruction that was used on 9/11. Our job is to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ with nothing happening in between. That is the Air Marshal’s job, and we are not allowed to do that job now.”

Many of our resources are being taken out of the sky being deployed to the border, and then we have Quiet Skies. Most of the people in Quiet Skies are January 2021 folks. And I don’t even say J6ers because many of the people on the list weren’t even at the Capitol that day. We are not doing any preventative flights for real terrorists or for people who might be flagged that way. We are not following Antifa or BLM. We are not following Al Qaeda or ISIS, despite how many times Christopher Wray comes out saying we have to be careful. It is sad. Air Marshals are being misused in what is now a dangerous distraction.”

ICYMI: “They Have Not Broken Me”: J6 Prisoner Isaac Thomas Sends Letter to Reporters from DC Jail




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    1. Absolutely they are making it happen. If this becomes true then the heads of these snakes must be chopped off. They cannot say I was just doing my job. They have a choice either work for satan and accept the consequences or find another line of work.

  1. I swear it’s like some alien planet or maybe another country pointed some sort of ray gun at DC, flipped a switch, and sucked all the intelligence, reasoning ability, moral values, common sense, and ability to tell the truth right out of everyone in the government, Congress, and all of DC. Just when you think they can’t get dumber, they do. Just when you think they can’t get more hateful, they do.

    1. As StealthFighter above said, this crap has gone way too far. All I can think of when I see how miss treated 98% of the J-6 defendants are they in Cuba or Russia, but no. They don’t even get the standard entitlement of a speedy trial. The D.C. courts, along with being as crooked as a snake’s tooth, are dragging their feet. I wish this guy all the best but I doubt that he will win his request for a change of venue. I can’t see the crooked liberal counts in D.C. letting him go elsewhere.

  2. Is there something in the air or the water in D.C. that renders all Lefties as brainless amoeba? Or are they partaking of some of Hunter’s drugs?

  3. OMG, this has gone too f’ing far, labeling a f’ing baby a terrorist? are you fukking kidding me?

  4. Go figure, while our so called presidents Crack head son was selling Info from old Joe’s illegal documents stored in his homes and Chinatown wearhouse to God knows who. Is still living in the white Crack house walking free. But a new born baby is now a terrorist. Sounds about right for the dumb azz Communist democrats. One wonders what Biden gave china in this last meeting. And Newsom in California, with them new china virus labs working in our country. But still its all about a new born baby and calling it a terrorist while the real terrorists are at this moment attacking in the streets cause Israel is defending its self against real terrorists. And even in our own government we have terrorist attacking from with in. These women are here crying cause in their other country they have to know their place, while here they can act out for that other country as we all can plainly see it happening. Yet still a new born baby is the problem ??? Go figure

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