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9-Year-Old Jewish Boy Threatened With Knife On Brooklyn Playground: “I Will Kill You, Jew!”

On Monday, a teenage individual made threatening anti-Semitic remarks to a nine-year-old boy on the KIPP AMP Middle School Playground in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

Witnesses reported that the teen brandished a knife and yelled “I will kill you, Jew” as well as “Heil Hitler,” which was directed at the child’s mother. This incident has been reported to police and is currently under investigation.

New York Post reported:

A hateful teen threatened a young boy with a knife and yelled “I will kill you, Jew” in the latest antisemitic attack in the Big Apple, police and law enforcement sources said.

The sickening scene unfolded at a playground at KIPP AMP Middle School and MS 354 Monday evening in Crown Heights, according to the NYPD and the victim’s mother, who said her daughter was also targeted in the attack.

“My kids were shaking, they were crying,” Chaya Sundroy, who came to the US from Israel 10 years ago, said. “They asked why – we didn’t do nothing to him, why they say that, why they want to killed us. They were really, really scared about it.”

Police and sources said the man also screamed “Heil Hitler” at the boy, but Sundroy, who was at the park with her six children, said that was actually directed at her daughter.

During the attack, several people also shouted “Allah Akbar” in front of the children, according to Sundroy and police sources.

The recent attack against Jewish children in the United States is deeply disturbing and unacceptable. Reports indicate that these minors were threatened with violence while people around them shouted “Allah Akbar”.

This serves as yet another reminder of the dangers posed by open immigration policies, which have allowed terrorists and their sympathizers to infiltrate our country.

The concept of citizenship and the American dream used to represent something more than what it has become today. Chaya Sundroy, a mother whose son was targeted by a group of teens, recounted how her daughter was later subjected to an anti-Semitic comment from a teen displaying a knife.

Mrs Sundroy stated, “When the guy took out the knife I saw it…It was very close to me. I saw it and heard it”.

Although this incident occurred after school hours, no one from the middle school was present at the time of this attack.

Unfortunately, such abhorrent acts of hate have become increasingly common since Hamas attacked Israel; Jews continue to be targeted because of their faith alone.





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  1. This is gotten out of control and all of those threatening people need to be immediately sent to the Gaza strip and forced to witness the atrocities that hamas has imposed upon people. I doubt they will wake up but they will be the hell out of America where this is absolutely intolerable.
    They should be charged with hate crimes at the least. From now on no political correctness from me for anyone – Fat, transgender, he she I don’t care anymore. If you are more worried about being called a he than these real human tragedies, then FU and stay home

    1. I l ike your attitude. Keep the faith and don’t let anyone change your mind. Finally someone who thinks and expresses what real people in this country believes. Find this little sh$# throw in jail for life without Parole. And at hard labor

  2. Something wrong with this story. Perp or perps not named. Apparently, the victim or victims did not know the perps but the perps knew the victims. There were no witnesses other than the participants. It is a little vague where this transpired.

    I don’t believe it.

    1. Well, I was born & raised in Harlem. Went to HS in Brooklyn. I’m Black. My HS was in a Jewish neighborhood. My teachers were mostly Jewish. After years of “research”, I have picked up the Jewish (type) religion. This kind of idiocy exists!!! I believe it happened. I no longer live in NY, Because I joined the Army SpecOps (22yrs). I’ve been to many “conflicts” in the mid-east… The Arabs HATE Jews & Americans!!! If the “Sympathizers” went to the mid-east waving their flags, and crying “FREE PALESTINE”, They would be killed!!! Just because they’re AMERICAN!!! That little boy (nazi) is in for a rude awakening!!!!!

      1. We need to eliminate all of the teachers/professors that spout the Palestine/Nazi propaganda. In addition all private and certainly all government funding needs to be halted immediately. If this BS gets any worse than arrests and imprisoning needs to take place. We are losing our country and it’s due to the silenced majority. Wake upo and get your S*IT together you losers.

    2. They don’t name the perp because he is almost definitely Muslim. The MSM wants you to believe that the surge in antisemitism in the US & Europe is organic, when it is ENTIRELY a function of Muslim immigration. Islam is incompatible with our society & system of government, and immigration of its adherents needs to be banned.

      1. I wish we Americans could say antisemitism’s surge is mostly due to external groups and forces. But having lived in Jewish communities much of my childhood, I know we have far too much of it due to domestic groups.

        But I must agree with you that those foreigners who are antisemitic mustn’t be permitted to immigrate here. That may necessarily mean limiting immigration of certain ethnic and religious groups that create hardships, but it’s a necessary, if not critical, price. Those groups tend to also oppose all Judaeo-Christian customs and principles that established Western Civilization.


    3. Nor did Americans in the US believe during the 30s and much of WW2 that the Holocaust was happening. Some still don’t believe it happened. Even worse, some regret it didn’t succeed.

    4. The woman and her children were Hasidic Jews. The perp recognized that. No one needed to know anyone for hatred from sub humans to transpire.

  3. I carry, no matter where I go, no matter what ‘gun laws’. Anyone pulls a knife on someone in front of me, he/she had better be right with the Lord, because they’re a’fixin’ to MEET Him.

  4. I read about the surge in antisemitism in the US & the world, but the news is really about the surge of Muslim immigration into those countries. The deceptive MSM infers (by omission) that it’s a bunch of un-reconstituted Nazis or KKK members, when in reality it is Muslims bringing virulent antisemitism back to the West.

  5. All of these protesters are so angry since we have an incompetent current administration which is succeeding in making everyone’s life miserable they are lashing out at whatever the media is encouraging. Just like a bunch of lemmings going over the cliff. They proud tolerant are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical liberals. Those that have Truly come to this country for making a better way of life for themselves and their families through hard work should be welcomed no matter of ethnicity. Those that have come to turn this country into a sh-t hole like the one they came from which is evident in their stupid demands need to go back

  6. So 1200 years ago the Shiite sect and the Sunni Sects of Islam started killing each other over a difference of religious beliefs. Most of the Muslim countries are Sunni. Iran is Shiite. They hate each other. The Koran says that in order for the messiah to come, the 12th Mahdi the world must fall under Sharia Law. All other religions but Islam must convert or die.

  7. Hate,Antisemitism, Terrorism, Allah Snackbar and the Illegals waltzing into Our Country either stops now or the American People will stop it how we see fit. Back before Obama started destroying this country we still had Values and Dreams. But under cover of night tens of thousands of Muslims were Illegally transported by midnight flights into our Heartland. Tennessee, Minnesota, Upstate NY and hundreds of cities were suddenly Muslim only zones. In Minneapolis St. Paul there are actually zones off limits to non Muslims. There’s a new town in Upstate NY just outside of New City that’s so badly a no go zone the police aren’t even allowed in. Tennessee has 2 im aware of. In New Mexico they have set up a Islamic Terrorist training camp and im sure there are many others. The local, county and state police in those areas know exactly what’s going on but they can’t do a thing to stop them. The FBI and Homeland Security both are sitting watching it happen instead of doing their jobs and shutting them down. Terrorists are walking across our Southern Borders in droves as the over 2500 caught proves. How many Terrorists are in the group the FBI terms Got Aways? The best guess is 10 times that 2500. Our Alphabet Government Agencies have become weapons to be used against American Citizens while turning a blind eye to the Criminals who now control most major cities that are run by Liberal Democrats. NYC, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore and many other once Beautiful Cities and Vacation destinations are now basically War Zones controlled by Inner City Gangs, Illegals, Looters and Arsonists instead of the people living in and paying taxes there. Liberalism is a Mental Illness and those cites being allowed to be destroyed proves that FACT. To top that all off we had a Illegal Election which was stolen by Ballot Stuffing because the Scum running our Government was scared that Trump was about to end their rein of Terror as the Swamp was doing. Trump being a Businessman knew all to well that Members of Congress on a less than 200 thousand dollars a year could not in less then 3 year’s become Multimillionaires. Trump was uncovering all the Bribery, Kickbacks, Backroom Deals and other Illegal Acts and Immoral Acts Members of Congress and the life membership of the Administration a President can’t change. Case in Point. trump uncovers Biden Red Handed in Quid Pro Quo and Schiff Impeached Trump for uncovering this Crime. The Swamp is Deathly Afraid of Trump because they can buy him off, they can’t Bribe him off and worst of all they can’t Legally Stop him either. So they resorted to changing Laws and are using those Illegally Changed Laws to hopefully remove the only person on Earth the Liberal Democrats can’t control. Everyone reading this must if Trump does get removed from the Ballots for the 2024 Presidential Election must write in their Vote for Trump.

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