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‘ABOUT TIME!’: Trump Jr. Celebrates ‘QAnon Shaman’ Release, Defeat of ‘False Narrative’

January 6 protester Jacob Chansley, popularly known as “QAnon Shaman,” was released from prison on Thursday, sparking celebration from Donald Trump Jr., who remarked “it’s about time!”

Chansley, the former military veteran who donned furs and a viking-style headdress to the election integrity protest at the U.S. Capitol in early 2021, was released from prison this week after serving two years of a four year sentence that came as a result of an early plea agreement.

Reacting to news of Chansley’s release, the son of the 45th President called for accountability for those who withheld evidence” to push a false narrative about the controversial day — ostensibly taking a swipe at the unpopular January 6 Committee and federal prosecutors charged with jailing January 6 protesters.

“It’s about time! After being sentenced to almost 3 years in prison for non violent offenses the Qanon Shaman has been released, 14 months early, just weeks after @TuckerCarlson aired exculpatory January 6th video that his defense attorneys claim they never saw. Now we need accountability for those who withheld the evidence to further their false narrative!” Trump Jr. wrote. 

While the timing of the defendant’s release has led some to believe that it had something to do with Carlson’s airing of the security footage, Chansley’s attorney informed users on Twitter that he served 26 months behind bars and was set to be released around February of this year anyways.

“Jake’s sentance was 42 months. The final 6 months are ALWAYS in a Halfway House by BOP police. So total custodial time was going to be 36 months. But there are programs in BOP that allow a prisoner to earn credit on his sentence beyond ‘Good Time’ credit,” Chansely’s attorney wrote on Thursday.

“Jake took advantage of those opportunities. He was arrested in Jan 2021, and was detained the entire time. He served 26+ months in custody. When I first spoke with him in Nov. 2021, I told him his release date was likely Feb. 2023. He thought it would be early 2024,” he added.

“We have known the release date for a period of time, but kept it quiet so as to not have a crowd show up at either the BOP facility or the Halfway House.”

His release comes after Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired previously suppressed Capitol surveillance footage that showed U.S. Capitol Police officers escorting the protester through the building and even into the Senate chamber, Valiant News reported.

“Virtually every moment of his time inside the Capitol was caught on tape,” said Carlson of the footage. “The tapes show the Capitol Police never stopped Jacob Chansley. They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.”

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  1. With the pubic release of the Jan 6 tapes more people will be releases. Now those that did the false imprisonment and hiding evidence need to be put into prison!

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