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Air Force General Predicts U.S. Will Be At War With China In 2025

A general in the US Army is predicting that this country will be in a war with China by 2025. I respectfully disagree. We could be at war with China by 2024, but Biden will not be president in 2025, so that ends that possibility. Biden might even provoke a war in 2024 to enhance his reelection, but I suspect his superiors would block that move. Besides, would Biden bite the hand that feeds The Big Guy?

This country is totally unprepared for war because recruitment is way down, our military is training on woke philosophy, and Biden is giving Ukraine all of our weapons. On top of that, our Strategic Petroleum reserve is nearing depletion and Biden has just about closed the spigot on new drilling. Besides, China owns our president lock, stock, and barrel. We would be sitting ducks.

NBC News reports:

Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing ‘a clip’ at a target, and ‘aim for the head’

A four-star Air Force general sent a memo on Friday to the officers he commands that predicts the U.S. will be at war with China in two years and tells them to get ready to prep by firing “a clip” at a target, and “aim for the head.”

In the memo sent Friday and obtained by NBC News, Gen. Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command, said, “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025.”

Air Mobility Command has nearly 50,000 service members and nearly 500 planes and is responsible for transport and refueling.

Minihan said in the memo that because both Taiwan and the U.S. will have presidential elections in 2024, the U.S. will be “distracted,” and Chinese President Xi Jinping will have an opportunity to move on Taiwan.

He lays out his goals for preparing, including building “a fortified, ready, integrated, and agile Joint Force Maneuver Team ready to fight and win inside the first island chain.”

The signed memo is addressed to all air wing commanders in Air Mobility Command and other Air Force operational commanders, and orders them to report all major efforts to prepare for the China fight to Minihan by Feb. 28.




4 Responses

  1. Another Biden/China scam to steal trillions more from the Taxpayers. Show bullshit news coverage of us at war while every penny they pretend to spend on this fake ass war is laundered and handed out to the CCP, BIDEN FAMILY, DEMOCRAT Politicians, RINOS AND I’M SURE THE TRASH IN THE WEF WILL GET A CUT TOO.
    They are so damn stupid I bet some Americans who have studied WWII, KOREA & VIETNAM will recognize clips from those wars being used by the media for the BIDEN/CHINA SCAM.

  2. I have long thought Biden would get the US into a war to “postpone” a Presidential election so he would be able to stay President. I just pray it doesn’t happen .

  3. The title and content put the ‘general’ in both the Army and the Air Force. Unless we give them far more than sufficient cause, China will not invade Taiwan or the USA. Either action would result in China’s forfeiting all holdings (manufacturing businesses, banks, property, etc) it owns in the USA. They know that they are slowly overtaking and owning the YSA without firing a shot. China will not antagonize the USA unless Biden’s handlers have him leaving China no other choice….just as he’s doing to Russia at the moment.

  4. I hope by 2025 Trump or DeSantis is in the White House or We will be speaking Chinese! Our Current Military and President of Questionable Cognitive Abilities are Incapable of Waging War Against the Boy Scouts let alone China. They are more concerned with Gender Identity than Killing Our Enemies. These are the same Bunch that totally mismanaged the Exit from Afghanistan that got many people killed including Americans and Our Afghan Allies.

    It has been reported that Our Military is “running Short” of High Tech Equipment that we have left in Afghanistan or given to Ukraine! Interesting?

    Lastly, the Republicans have begun Investigating the Biden Family and others that have received Millions of dollars from China and Ukraine. Could there be some kind of a connection between Our reportedly lack of Military Resolve and Equipment, to this Administration and China and Ukraine or is this just probably another Conspiracy Theory?

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