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Airstrikes kill two top Hamas leaders as Israel retaliates

Israel has recently eliminated two prominent Hamas leaders in response to terrorist attacks originating from the Gaza Strip.

Joad Abu Shmalah, Minister of Economy for Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Zachariah Abu Ma’amar, a senior member of Hamas’ political bureau, have been reported as casualties.

“As Israel prepares for a ground invasion, they’ve been hammering Gaza with multiple airstrikes, warning civilians to flee as they plan to turn most known Hamas sites into rubble,” Townhall reported.

“In many cases, they’re offering detailed information about the campaign that is to come to mitigate civilian casualties in the strip, which has long been a Jihadi base,” it added.

“Overnight, an IDF aircraft struck Joad Abu Shmalah, the Hamas Minister of Economy in the Gaza Strip. As part of his role, he managed the funding of terrorism inside and outside the Gaza Strip. He held security positions in the terrorist organization and led a number of operations targeting Israeli civilians and the State of Israel,” IDF said, according to Fox News.

“Overnight, an IDF aircraft struck Zachariah Abu Ma’amar, a senior member of the Hamas terrorist organization’s political bureau and head of its office for internal relations. He was a senior Hamas decision-maker and coordinator between terror groups in the Gaza Strip,” officials said in a separate statement.

“The IDF also said one of its aircraft struck and killed Joad Abu Shmalah, the Hamas minister of economy in the Gaza Strip,” ABC News reported.

“He held security positions in Hamas and led a number of operations targeting Israeli civilians,” according to the outlet.

In response to the recent terrorist attacks that have resulted in more than 1,200 fatalities since Saturday, Israel has mounted a comprehensive effort to dismantle Hamas.

This includes airstrikes aiming at its sites and the preparation for a ground offensive. Consequently, Gaza is now closed off as its inhabitants seek refuge from the military operation underway in their region.

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13 Responses

  1. The ISIS HAMAS butchers must be eliminated permanently, every last one of these creeps.

  2. Just like rats, we need to kill them all & even their extended families in order to rid the world of their scourge.

  3. Has anyone noticed the fact that the only escape route for Gaza is the border with Egypt ? AND EGYPT HAS CLOSED IT’S BORDER WITH GAZA !

    Egypt is not allowing any aid to go in or refugees to escape the horrors Hamas/ISIS/Iran have rained down on the innocents of Gaza, and Israel.

  4. how disgusting
    if anybody actually thinks that hamas did that massive planning without the Mossad or CIA noticing it, you’re rather hilarious.
    The whole thing is likely a False Flag operation of the zionists so they could wipe out gaza (as everybody seems to want to happen here = genocide) so they could then go further to take over the Middle East OIL and then have their Greater Israel.
    If you’re so foolish to say that I’m now “antisemitic”, you are again ignorant because most israelis are ATHEIST NON-SEMITES because they descend from Japheth whereas real Semites descend from Shem and Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 of the bible warned that fakes would pretend to be Jews.

    1. I don’t think you’re anti-semitic, just delusional. This incident seems entirely consistent with a long history of intelligence failures all over the world and it’s inconsistent with the history of false flag operations. You have to have more than a couple loose screws to think that the Israelis would permit so many civilian casualties and hostages.

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