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Another Sex Scandal: New Orleans Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell isw Under Investigation For an Affair With Security Chief and Misappropriation of Funds

What is it with these Democratic women and their need to have their cities subsidize romantic getaways with married men? By now, you are all aware of Fani Willis and her alleged affair with Nathan Wade, but you probably don’t know about LaToya Cantrell and her married and alleged boyfriend  Jeffrey Vappie, the former head of her police detail. She is now under investigation by the FBI for potential misuse of taxpayer funds.

She allegedly spent a lot of time with Vappie in a city owned apartment. Once the city council found o0ut about it, they forbid her from using the apartment for her personal use. Security footage has allegedly captured Mayor Cantrell and Vappie spending extensive periods together in a city-owned apartment during work hours. This revelation comes amidst an investigation into Vappie’s work hours and activities. He has had numerous problems with his time sheets in which he has charged 18  hours in a day, 10 hours more than his shift entailed.

The AP reported:

“The Louisiana Board of Ethics charged Cantrell under a state law that prohibits public officials from receiving anything of value for their official duties. The board alleges Cantrell improperly received nearly $29,000 worth of first-class upgrades for 15 flights — 13 domestic and two international trips — over two years.”

In a text to a Times-Picayune reporter, Cantrell wrote:

“By the time I complete my tenure as mayor, I would have slept with half of the city of New Orleans based on false accusations that come my way sometimes daily. This is only one of them. If I were a MAN, you would NOT be texting me about this bullshit.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Local media have identified “Mrs. L.C.” mentioned in these filings as Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who, in 2018, became the first female mayor of New Orleans, a city that has seen a significant rise in its murder rate during her tenure.

The FBI’s interest suggests a possible extension of the allegations to federal offenses. Previously, Cantrell faced scrutiny over $29,000 in first-class flights, an issue separate from the current investigation.

Cantrell has reimbursed the city for some of these expenses but maintained that the upgrades were necessary for health and safety reasons.

Cantrell, on her part, has vehemently denied the allegations of an affair, emphasizing her commitment to her duties as Mayor.

In a press conference held in January 2023, she expressed frustration over the rumors circulating about her personal life, attributing the claims to sexism and racism.

“As I’ve stated, you know, based on the false allegations that come my way, by the time I finish this job, literally, you know, accused of sleeping with half the city of New Orleans, both genders and all pronouns,” she said during the press conference.

While most of Cantrell’s expenses, amounting to $24,000, were covered by a mayoral group, Louisiana taxpayers were billed for Vappie’s airfare, hotel, and other expenses, totaling approximately $14,000, the New York Post reported.

This expenditure is now under scrutiny, given the nature of Cantrell and Vappie’s relationship and the limited delegation size.




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  1. It’s just unbelievable how they think the “public” money belongs to them and they can spend it as they please. Needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, made to reimburse the government, and be banned from any kind of fiduciary position whether government or private, after she serves a very long jail sentence.

    1. Just looking at her picture lets me know she is a smug self-centered politician who believes she can do anything she wants to do.

  2. Latoya Cantrell, Fani Willis, What man would want to sleep with these ugly broads. Were they paying these men to sleep with them ?

  3. Welcome to the 21st century where ethics, integrity love of country and morals have no value.

  4. She vehemently denies an affair…as she’s watching the CCTV tapes of them going into the building. What were they doing, checking the HVAC or plumbing? I don’t see any tools or equipment.

  5. What the hell is it with these black female elected officials? First it was Kamala, then it was Fani, and now it’s LaToya who have all had affairs with married men. Each of these adulteresses richly deserve the very derogatory term for such women…”s-l-u-t.”

  6. Female “Johns” putting males on the payroll for sex??? Male prostitutes??? I guess it’s only legal if you’re in politics.

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