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Another Violent Unhinged Biden Donor Arrested, Charged with Felony Battery for Throwing Glass of Wine at GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz

A Florida woman was arrested for throwing a glass of wine on Rep. Matt Gaetz at a wine-tasting tour in Northwest Florida.

41-year-old Selena Chambers allegedly yelled curse words at Rep. Gaetz and then threw a glass of wine at him. After that, she left, flipping him off and cursing as she was leaving.

She was promptly arrested and charged with two counts of battery – one count is a misdemeanor and the second count, battery on an elected official, is a felony.

When she was arrested Chalmers tried to claim that she tripped and accidentally covered Gaetz with her drink. Did she accidentally curse at him and flip him off, too?

Day by day, Democrats are getting more and more violent thanks to Joe Biden and the other Democrats inciting them. Is it impeachment time yet?

CNBC reported:

A Florida woman was charged with felony battery after she allegedly threw a glass of wine on Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., officials said Tuesday.

The woman, 41-year-old Selena Chambers of Tallahassee, threw the drink at the congressman after “swearing loudly” at him as she passed him at a wine festival in northwest Florida on Saturday, a person who was with Gaetz at the time told police.

That person, Blaine Odom, said that “Chambers then walked away yelling and flipping him off,” according to an arrest report provided to CNBC by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

But Chambers told an officer at the time of her arrest that she “was walking and tripped and spilled her drink on Representative Gaetz,” according to the report. She also said that she had consumed alcohol at the festival, and that she recognized Gaetz before spilling her drink.

Stacy Froeschner, who was with Chambers at the time, said she had cursed at Gaetz as they walked past him, the arrest report said.

From CBS

In a statement posted to his website Tuesday, Gaetz thanked the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for their “swift action” and said that he “will be pressing charges against this individual in order to uphold the civility our community deserves.”

Chambers has pleaded not guilty. Matthew Karp, an attorney for Chambers, said in a statement Tuesday that they “intend to vigorously defend against the allegations of Rep. Gaetz.”

Karp said that his team’s investigation “has initially shown Rep. Gaetz to have been both an aggressor and agitator,” in a “verbal altercation” between the congressman’s group and women attending the festival.

“We look forward to taking his deposition,” he said in the statement.

According to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office police report, Gaetz told officers at the scene on Saturday that Chambers and another woman were “cursing” at the congressman and his family. Gaetz said Chambers then threw a drink, which hit him in the left shoulder, according to the police report.

Another person at the event, who was speaking to Gaetz at the time of the alleged incident, told officers that he too was hit, according to the police report, and that he was “soaked” from the drink. That individual told police that Chambers then “walked away” while “yelling and flipping him off.”

Neither Gaetz nor the man he was speaking with were injured in the incident, according to the police report.

After being detained, Chambers told law enforcement she had been drinking alcohol. She said, according to the police report, that “she was walking and tripped and spilled her drink on Representative Gaetz.” A woman who was with her at the festival told officers she cursed at Gaetz as they walked away from the congressman.




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  1. Just maybe the woman should also undergo a stringent mental health examination. In addition, she shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms.

  2. This started wit Madonna’s & Hillary’s paid for nut jobs after election no one was accountable for actions moved on to ( have it your way ) highly achieved states person Maxine Waters the Kavanaugh side filth show all the rest of psycho M-F freaks that spent millions Of OUR TAX DOLLARS making total fool out of OUR COUNTRY NOT TO MENTION HIGHEST OFFICE IN OUR LAND!! WENT ON TO RIOTS BURNINGS ALL SET UP BY ANOTHER great legislator can’t stop thinking about Donnie pelousey now with yesterday’s one more freaking side show wouldn’t you think anything goes sooner or later the worm turns and baby the time is now you want to play this game @ least make sure that the fold is well fed! There’s only one Supreme Being and it sure doesn’t began with a B! GOD BLESS AMERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Chambers seems typical of entitled, frustrated Democrats who increasing resort to violence when they do not get to control every aspect of a narrative.

  4. Lock that ignorant Liberal bitch up for a few decades, then the rest of them will get the dam message !!!!

  5. She was just doing what Maxipad Waters told her to do! Harass and assault all pro-Trump people. Hmm: why isn’t Maxipad arrested for inciting a riot?

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