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AOC Says That Super Bowl Ads Featuring Jesus That Tells People to Love One Another is Worse Than Fascism

One of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats has to do with Heaven. Democrats deny Heaven’s existence because they know they will never be allowed to enter.

Republicans believe in Heaven because they want to spend eternity in a place devoid of liberals. AOC saw the two Jesus ads during the Super Bowl and declared that telling people to love one another is worse than fascism.

I guess she wants people to agree that her fascism is better than people loving each other.

If you look back on all of the countries that went communist, they all have one thing in common. They all wanted to do away with guns and religion.

Democratic socialists in Congress and the White House are following the same path. Just recently, it became common knowledge that the FBI was targeting traditional Catholics. Back in 2013, I broke the story that the Department of Homeland Security was training law enforcement in every state that Christians posed a terroristic threat.

Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article.

After the story broke several states ended the program, including Colorado, where patriot Ron Trowbridge was in one of the classes and he reported what they were being taught. He paid the price for standing up for his religious beliefs.

I still send them Christmas presents every year and his wife, Shelli, sends me a batch of her delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. They are great people and I am proud to call them my friends.

AOC said:

“Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign.”

Here is a sample:

From The Blaze

The New York Democrat, however, did not explain how the advertisements whitewash fascism or how the commercials in any way approved of fascism or promoted it.

The tweet had received nearly 10 million views by Monday morning. While some people agreed with Ocasio-Cortez’s sentiment — that spending money on Super Bowl ads is perhaps not the best use of money — many others observed that her response demonstrated a lack of self-awareness, thus making her the perfect audience for the ad.

Moreover, as controversial as the “He Gets Us” campaign has been in some circles, the mission of the organization is clear — and it has nothing to do with promoting whatever Ocasio-Cortez postured herself as opposing.

“We simply want everyone to understand the authentic Jesus as he’s depicted in the Bible — the Jesus of radical forgiveness, compassion, and love,” the organization explains on its website.

From Fox News

“Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a tweet.

It was not entirely clear which ad she was referencing, though one of the He Gets Us spots that aired Sunday night started with a black-and-white image apparently showing a man shouting at a police officer in riot gear. Other images of unrest then appeared, followed by a line on-screen: “Jesus loved the people we hate.”

A previous He Gets Us spot showed a slideshow of black-and-white images of migrants fleeing their homes to avoid persecution. The ad revealed that the story is actually about Jesus, his mother, Mary and her husband, Joseph.

I will take Jesus over AOC any day of the week.




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