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AOC Throws Tantrum on House Floor Over Bill Protecting Parental Rights

AOC threw a hissy fit over a bill that would grant parents access to the school curriculum and the contents of school libraries. OMG. Heavens knows that only unelected and alleged educators should be banned from telling their white students that they are racist based solely on the color of their skin. Or telling 7-year-old boys that their doctors were wrong and that they really are girls who need to take puberty blockers without telling their parents. Or telling little Susie that she must be intimate with little Kathy.

And the libraries should be free to lend smut-filled books to elementary students. Books that are so dirty that they are banned from reading them aloud at school board hearings. And at all costs a father whose young daughter is raped by a boy wearing a skirt must not be allowed to complain. That would be total anarchy even if that same boy assaults another young girl at the school he was transferred to.

The bill,  sponsored by Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA), requires schools to notify parents and guardians of their rights regarding the education of their children in order to receive federal funds according to a summary posted by the Library of Congress.

Parents and guardians under the proposed legislation have a right to evaluate curriculum, meet with their children’s teachers, and review library books. They would also be granted permission to confront school boards and obtain information on violent activity occurring at schools.

From The Gateway Pundit

Furthermore, local educational agencies would be required to post curriculum and budget information online.

This common-sense proposal to protect parental rights and provide transparency triggered AOC.

She called the bill fascist and slammed books on the table like a child.

AOC also made a number of baseless claims during rant, including asserting that Republicans have banned books like the Life of Rosa Parks and want to forcibly out LGBT people.

Relevant transcript:

Look at these books that have already been banned due to Republican measures!

The Life of Rosa Parks.

This apparently is too woke by the Republican Party! (slams book loudly

Song of Solomon is unacceptable to Republican politics! (loudly slams book)

40% of banned books have report reported are significantly and specifically addressing the LGBT issues.

To say and talk about government reach and freedom. This is a bill, this is Republican bill is asking the government to force the outing of LGBT people before they are ready.

And talking about the rights of parents in this gallery today. The national parents union is saying don’t do it.

I have a letter where they are asking the Republican Party to keep culture wars out of classrooms.

Our children need urgent and aggressive educational solutions. The American Library Association is coming out against this Republican proposal.

When we talk about progressive values, I can say what my progressive value is, and that is freedom over fascism.





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  1. Investigate, investigate – truth? Or are the books really UNSUITABLE for children? It appears AOC’s opinion is NOT based on keeping our children’s minds clear of trash – they will get plenty of that as they mature to be sure.. Parents are responsible for protecting their children from harm – including their minds. At one time (during my childhood 85 years ago) the school experience was an extension of the parent’s goals for their children – teachers were respected for their integrity and gift of teaching — not so today. The majority of young teachers have been brainwashed to influence children without their parent’s approval in CRT, Marxism, disregard for our nation’s heritage of God first, Family, and Nation – and utterly devoid of Patriotism. This is the USA, Parents must be allowed to pursue the best for their children.

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