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April Ryan lies about the Border Patrol: Mayorkas Corrects Her But She Kept on Lying

No one ever accused alleged journalist April Ryan of being the sharpest tool in the shed and for good reason. Literally months after the border patrol agents were exonerated, Ryan asked Sec Mayorkas about border patrol agents whipping Haitians with their reins. Mayorkas corrected her and he admitted that no such thing had ever happened. But like any good Democrat, she stood by her lies. It’s something they picked up from their Nazi friends with whom they share the hatred of Jews and Israel.

Mayorkas was taking questions from reporters for almost an hour as the United States prepares for the largest invasion the world has ever seen since Normandy just as Title 42 was set to expire.

Ryan’s false claim echoes Joe Biden, who attacked the agents in 2021 without knowing the facts and has not apologized to them.

Excerpt from Texas Public Radio report headlined: CBP report finds ‘no evidence’ of border agent whipping Haitian migrants, despite viral photo :

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection investigation found several faults in the U.S. Border Patrol’s handling of last September’s arrival of tens of thousands of Haitians at the Del Rio border.

While the investigation resulted from an image that seemed to depict a Border Patrol officer whipping an asylum-seeker, the CBP report released on Friday said there is no known evidence this happened.

Investigators found “failures at multiple levels of the agency.” The findings also included a lack of appropriate policies and training.

The report cited inadequate leadership and multiple instances of agents using “inappropriate and denigrating” language toward some Haitians at the border.

Video shows agents were trying to stop migrants from freely crossing back and forth from Mexico and the U.S.

From The Washington Times

President Biden had said the migrants were “strapped” and Vice President Kamala Harris compared the treatment to the worst abuses of slavery. Mr. Biden had vowed the agents “will pay.”

The investigation by CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility reviewed extensive footage, including from a drone that they had flying overhead, spoke with witnesses and gathered accounts from the migrants themselves. They concluded nobody was actually struck with the reins, nor was anyone intentionally struck by the mounted agents.

“There is no evidence that BPAs involved in this incident struck, intentionally or otherwise, any migrant with their reins,” the investigation concluded.

Still, CBP said some of the agents should pay for the way they used their horses’ bodies to try to seal off the U.S. banks of the river. In one example investigators cited, an agent chased after a migrant and came perilously close to a young child in the water.

That agent also used insulting language against migrants, chastising men for appearing to shield themselves behind women, investigators said. The agent displayed an “unprofessional manner,” the probe concluded.

Even as they faulted the agents, investigators made clear they were put in an impossible situation by the unprecedented takeover of U.S. land by 15,000 immigrants who are in the country illegally.




4 Responses

  1. All we need to do is finish Trumps wall and have a round up! Head em up, move em out! But send a few to Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard too!

  2. Who the F cares if the illegal pos trash was whipped or trampled on by the horses. The pri**s don’t belong here and need to be shown they are not wanted. Until they use armed drones and shoot a few dozen for a couple of weeks the filth will never stop invading us. You worthless libs and woke idiots don’t like it good I hope that this trash becomes your neighbor .

  3. When they cross they should immediately be loaded up on buses and shipped to every large virtue signaling sanctuary city. When the problem overwhelms these Virtuous locals,…maybe then the people will began to realize what our border states have had to put up with and all the problems and money this incredibly stupid situation has created. The biggest problem is the fact that most of these people will be nothing but sponges soaking up the wealth of this country and our middle class while contributing nothing.

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