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Arizona GOP Chair RINO Jeff DeWit Attempted to Bribe Kari Lake to Stay Out of Politics Early Last Year

UPDATE: DeWit has resigned

Kari Lake had previously announced that she had a huge salary and a job on a board of directors if she would agree to stay out of politics, but she had refused to name the person who offered the bribe.

We may now know who it was that made the bribe attempt. According to sources, it was RINO GOP Chair Jeff Dewit.

If this is true he should either resign or he should be kicked out of the party because it is unlikely that the bribe was coming from a conservative because she is a superstar. It seems much more likely that the source was a liberal. Lake told him to pound sand and then announced she would run for the Senate.

Still, DeWit has denied the claim to multiple sources:

Based on DeWit’s previous remarks, it is probable that he would try to get a pro-Trump candidate to stay out of politics, as he apparently did with Kari Lake.

In early 2023  a close friend of billionaire donor and former DeSantis surrogate Jim Lamon was intercepted on a phone call making anti-Trump remarks and declaring he was off the Trump train. DeWit denies the legitimacy of the tape and claims the tape was chopped up and put together to make him look bad:

Washington Post reported:

And in leaked audio circulated on social media in recent weeks, DeWit can be heard saying people urged him to run to stop Daniels and distancing himself from Trump.
“I’m off the Trump train, I’m DeSantis,” DeWit says in the undated tape. “I worked for Trump and everything. I’m not good with those people because I didn’t support their idiot Blake Masters,” he added, referring to the U.S. Senate candidate who had Trump’s endorsement but lost in November.
DeWit said in an interview with The Post Saturday that the audio is “a fake tape chopped up” from a private conversation he had last year with a Daniels backer.
“The part he cut is the very beginning, where I said, ‘People are saying that I am off the Trump train because I wouldn’t support Blake Masters,’” DeWit said. “I’ve never seen a dirtier campaign tactic than recording a private phone conversation and creatively editing it to try to win an election. It’s despicable.”

A longer portion of the audio, provided to The Gateway Pundit, adds more context to the audio recording of Jeff DeWit and does not appear to be “fake” or “chopped up,” as DeWit told the Washington Post. In the audio below, DeWit refutes claims that he is affiliated with the Trump campaign, saying, “Man, I’m off the Trump Train. I’m Desantis. I’m not good with the Trump people because I didn’t support their idiot, Blake Masters, FYI.”

DeWit is also heard saying, “I don’t mind Trump,” when asked why he made these statements, but he does not appear to change his position. Still, DeWit continues to deny the legitimacy of his statements and even told The Gateway Pundit that he was lying to the person in the recording below, seemingly in an attempt to cover for himself.

According to sources, DeWit traveled on Jim Lamon’s private jet to Iowa last July to support Ron DeSantis’ failed campaign. Additionally, Dewit was listed as chief investment officer of Jim Lamon’s solar energy company, Depcom Power, in May 2021 and chaired Lamon’s failed Senate campaign in 2022, according to Arizona Central.

Many in the Arizona Republican Party have long speculated that DeWit is a “puppet” for Lamon, who lost his U.S. Senate Primary after Trump endorsed Blake Masters for the seat. This raises the question: is an unelected billionaire controlling the Arizona Republican Party chairman?

Based on the information we have, it would appear likely that RINO Jeff DeWit may now support Nikki Haley after Ron DeSantis suspended his campaign for President. However, it is unclear who Dewit and Lamon are backing.




4 Responses

  1. I’d like to know who the people “back East” are who wanted to buy off Kari Lake. I wonder if one of them might be Mitch McConnell who doesn’t want anyone who thinks for herself!

  2. “Ditwit” would be a way more appropriate name for this moron. I wish more voters would start actually looking into these RINOS instead of seeing a 30 second ad on TV and think “oh, he seems like a great guy”. Stupid is as stupid does and a huge number of voters in this country, ON BOTH SIDES” are so damned naive to believe whatever the msm or commercials say. I do not expect lazy ass Americans to do anything different this time around either in 2024!!

  3. It is beyond belief that Dewit would be allowed to continue with his ties to the Demon-O-Crat party. He needs to be removed from his current position as quickly as possible and put on a leave of absence. As soon as he can be replaced without farther harming the GOP in Arizona he needs to be fired. Like the Senate Judas priest, Mitch McConnel, he should not be allowed to remain and do any more damage to the GOP.

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