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Arkansas Judge Rips Hunter Biden For Concealing Financial Records From Baby Mama

Hunter Biden actually showed up for court on Monday and the judge lashed out at him for hiding income in the ongoing battle to reduce his child support from $20,000 a month. The judge wanted to know how much Hunter’s alleged artwork sold for and to whom. Hunter’s lawyers objected, saying that they don’t know who bought the art because their client did not want to be guilty of influence peddling. The judge threatened to order the art gallery to supply the information.

Hunter underwent a DNA test that proved he was the father of the now four-year-old girl. Neither Hunter nor Joe will concede she is a Biden. If I were the girl, I would insist they put that in writing so that all of the other kids won’t make fun of her for being one of them. The girl has never met her daddy or Grandpa Joe. Hunter and Lunden Roberts will be back in court in June to give depositions.

The New York Post reported:

The Arkansas judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s long-running child support battle with his baby mama chastised the first son’s lawyers Monday for being stingy with his financial data.

Judge Holly Meyer rebuked the 53-year-old’s legal team during the two-hour proceedings, saying they wrongly concealed details of filings that had already been submitted to the court as part of the ongoing legal saga.

“The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” the judge told Hunter’s attorneys before ordering them to refile some of those papers. It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what financial information was included in the filings.

Meyer on Monday ordered Hunter to answer additional written questions about his money — including investments, his art sales and other financial transactions — after Roberts’ attorney Clinton Lancaster claimed he had so far provided “incomplete answers.”

Lancaster argued Hunter divulged neither who had purchased his art nor the estimated values of the pieces.

But Hunter’s attorneys hit back, saying the first son didn’t know the identities of the buyers as part of a purported arrangement to ensure they were unable to “influence” his father’s administration.

“He will not know. Someone else may know,” one of the attorneys told the judge.

Both Hunter and Roberts will have to sit for a deposition in mid-June to answer questions under oath, the judge added during Monday’s hearing.

But, isn’t this just like the Bidens? Ignoring the consequences of their actions. But, if Hunter wants to have the child support reduced, he should get a letter from China explaining that after supporting Joe, Hunter, and the rest of the Biden family, they simply don’t have any more money for Hunter’s love child.




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  1. The Bidens, including Joe Biden. are corrupt crooks. I think their collusion with Communist China borders on Treason. China is NOT our friend and is trying to destroy our country from within. In addition, they are flying–and Joe is allowing–China to fly surveillence balloons over our country, buying land next to our military installations and placing Chinese police stations all over our country. He and those in his administration pushing climate change are forcing our country into all electric vehicles are CRAZY! The batteries for these are made in China! And now he has mandated that ALL military vehicles including tanks be electric. ARE THEY INSANE!! In a war, I want to know exactly how many CHARGING STATIONS YOU CAN FIND IN THE DESERT, THE JUNGLES OR WHEREVER BATTLES MAY BE FOUGHT! I think that Joe and his cronies must be removed from office together with “always lughing out loud word salad”, Kamala Harris. I know exactly why they want to keep her on the ticket because she will be just as easy to control as they have done with Biden. Our country, the ountry I love, is in grave danger.

    1. Doris: The Biden relations with China does not border on Treason, it is Treason to help the enemy and during a time of war those who commit Treason are put before a firing squad. The Biden’s, Clinton’s, Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Leadership have been raping this nation for decades as they rake in millions of dollars for dealing underhanded and in violation of the laws. They consider themselves exempt from any law, rule, or regulation that would put any of us commoners in prison for decades. This electrification of our nation if nothing but a farce. Sure you plug your vehicle in but where does the power in the lines come from. Its not magic. Unless it is hydroelectric power IT IS from Fossil burning be it oil, coal, or what ever. The rest of the world is rolling on the ground laughing at our ignorant left for their lemming minds to follow anything that the Democrats, who are controlled by money. The ultra rich like Soros, Rockefellers, Getty’s, Debar’s, and Rothchild’s control the world and sell to both sides during war time to become even more powerful. One of the main goals of Soros is to destroy the USA as it has been, he wants a socialist nation that can be controlled. He is a criminal with ill intentions and is a wanted man in at least half a dozen nations, a NAZI sympathizer, and has undermined our legal and judicial systems in the USA. His goals again are to destroy our nation. He was granted citizenship but based on his and his sons behavior, of whom by they was is on the White House registry at least 2 or 3 times a week and (I wonder why) deals directly with Joe Biden. In my opinion Joe Biden is well past his prime, far into his twilight years and is incompetent unless juiced up. He should be removed from office but Harris is next up in line and was picked as insurance against that happening. Her incompetency is even worse than her boss’s. So we are stuck with two incompetent people running the nation in to the ground for the next 2 years, a Democratic Party who will do anything including basic treason to keep those two in office and its going to be hard to get them out of power either by removal from office or voted out of office. They basically are building castles and putting away millions of dollars at our expense and freedom. The left is so ignorant of the way freedome is suppose to be as they have never lived under it. I have been around since 1947 and can remember the Eisenhower days, the freedom from fear itself as we went about our lives. Now days the Tail is wagging the dog, and its past time to stop that and take back our rights and nation from those who intend to enslave all of us under their guise of being leaders.

    2. i could not have said it any better myself ALL TRUE WAKE UP AMERICA

  2. Shame on the Bidens for denying that child. shows you what kind of people they really are. Jill professes herself as everyones mother, that’s a lie. I guess the only one who can be forgiven Is crackhead Hunter and not the girl he was using for his sex toy. They are a corrupt disgusting family from the top down and I’m watching KARMA grab them all into its clutches and give them what they deserve.

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