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As Israel is Making Great Strides in Wiping Hamas Off the Face of the Earth Joe Biden Tries to Make Them Stop

Joe Biden finds himself in hot water and he wants Israel to bail him out by backing off from Hamas and allowing them to regroup so they can have more raids in Israel and killing as many Jews as they can.

Biden is rapidly losing support among younger people. He beat Trump by 20 points in that demographic in 2020 but polls show him now behind Trump by four.

That is one heck of a swing. Those youngsters are mad that Biden isn’t supporting Hamas.

A terrorist from Hamas’ “Nukhba Force” and a terrorist who participated in the October 7 massacre were captured in a school in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza, Arutz Sheva reports.

Arutz Sheva wrote:

“The terrorists were captured during a raid on the school on Friday by soldiers from the IDF’s 401st Brigade. During the battle, many Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists holed up in the school were killed or captured. The captured terrorists were turned over to Unit 504 of the Intelligence Directorate.” 

A soldier from the IDF’s Yahalom special forces explained:

“The first terrorist came at me. I fired a volley and he fell towards me. I knew they knew I was there. Another grenade came at me, and I pulled back to a corner and it exploded. I spotted the second terrorist pulling out another grenade and fired a volley at him. I realized there were no more terrorists in the immediate area, and collapsed.”

The engagement was captured on his helmet camera. He recounted the experience in person for the first time for Arutz Sheva:

“The engagement took place at point-blank range in a building in the Shajiya region of Gaza. The soldier fought on despite his wounds and killed the two terrorists engaging him. He is currently recovering from his injuries in hospital care.”

Netanyahu told Austin prior to their meeting:

“We’re fighting a war of civilization against barbarism.”

The WSJ Editorial Board said:

“Jerusalem has made concessions to appease President Biden and Secretary Blinken. It is now telegraphing its attacks to the enemy so civilians can flee, and it is using a smaller force with less reliance on air power and artillery. As a result, Israel is taking more casualties. The rising fatality rate is noticed in Israel, if nowhere else.”

“Israel gets little credit for its sacrifices. Mr. Biden even criticized it Tuesday for “indiscriminate bombing,” a slander so belied by the evidence that the White House tried to walk it back. Civilian casualties in Gaza are tragic, but they are mainly a result of Hamas’s way of embedding in what should be safe civilian spaces.”

“Israel has no good choices here, but America does. The President can focus on supporting a U.S. ally in vanquishing a genocidal enemy.”

From The Gateway Pundit

“The Biden administration is working assiduously to block Israel from defeating Hamas or contending coherently or effectively with the growing existential threats it faces from Iran and Iran’s Lebanese and Yemeni proxies”, journalist Caroline Glick charged. “To force Israel to stand down, President Joe Biden’s top advisers are descending on Israel one after another to pressure and coerce Jerusalem to limit its military operations in Gaza, Lebanon and the Red Sea.”

“Insisting that this “diplomatic solution” is a viable alternative to war, the administration is demanding that Israel do nothing to physically secure its territory from Hezbollah terror forces and missiles,” Glick wrote. “As for Iran, the United States showed its continued subservience to the idea that Iran is a responsible regional power last week when it unfroze another $10 billion in Iranian revenue, which had been frozen under U.S. sanctions. Since Oct. 7, the United States has enabled the transfer of $16 billion to Iran.”

“Why is the United States leveraging its position as Israel’s primary arms supplier and diplomatic shield at the United Nations—that is, its position as Israel’s ally—to compel an Israeli military defeat at the hands of Iran and its proxies, in a war that Israel rightly views as an existential conflict just as fateful as its 1948 War of Independence? The answer is politics,” Glick wrote.





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