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Atlanta college reinstates COVID-19 mask mandate, social distancing as ‘precautionary measures’

It looks like the left is making a few dry runs for their ramp-up to try and influence the 2024 elections. The lab rats being used now are the students at Morris Brown College in Atlanta.

It seems like we have seen this movie before. Masks, lockdowns, mailing out unsolicited ballots.

The Atlanta college has issued a mandate requiring students to wear masks and practice social distancing in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

These “precautionary measures” have been reinstated as the institution looks to protect its faculty, staff, and student body from potential exposure to the virus.

This decision is meant to ensure safety on campus while also allowing for continued educational opportunities amid these unprecedented times.

“Effective immediately, Morris Brown College has reinstated its COVID-19 mask mandate due to reports of positive cases among students in the Atlanta University Center,” the announcement read, referring to the nonprofit coalition of historically black colleges.

Morris Brown College was previously a member of the Atlanta University Center Consortium until it lost its accreditation in 2002 due to the misappropriation of Department of Education funds by a former college president and financial aid director.

After nearly two decades, the college received full accreditation once again in 2022.

The announcement on Monday regarding the reinstatement of the mask mandate also included other precautionary measures.

“Over the next 14 days, the following protocols will be in place,” the school stated. Safety measures included “physical distancing,” “no parties or large student events,” “isolation and quarantine,” and “contact tracing.”

Students were also instructed to monitor their symptoms, undergo regular temperature checks, and frequently wash their hands.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to “isolate for at least 5 days and inform your instructor for virtual class arrangements.”

The school sent a letter Sunday informing staff and students of the two-week protocols.

“We prioritize your safety and seek your cooperation in preventing another pandemic,” the college wrote in the notification letter.

President Kevin James of Morris Brown College told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that no COVID cases had been reported on the college campus, despite reports of cases within the Atlanta University Center. He noted that protocols were being taken as precautionary measures.

When asked by the Daily Caller News Foundation for confirmation, President James stated that all students and faculty have been required to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination since 2021 in order to access campus facilities and attend classes in person.

Exemptions from this requirement are allowed for religious or medical reasons.

Morehouse College, an institution belonging to the AUCC, recently declared that its current COVID alert level is “green”.

This implies that the spread of the virus is minimal. The AUCC made this determination based on the number of new cases over a seven-day period.

As of now, face masks are not compulsory and no limitations have been enforced.

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8 Responses

  1. Biden’s handlers plan on using another covid scam if the Political indictments don’t work.

    1. here is reason Biden cant debate. might catch covid. at least we don’t have to look at the weasel spread the medical bs. busy spending the biggest pension in the history of the government. and the profits from the jab.

  2. Mandates are NOT LAWS. Anyone forcing you to do something you do not want can and will go to prison. Give them a choice. Tell them they can allow you to continue or you can call 911 to have them arrested. This is going viral across the net. Do not comply with any of these deep state criminals. Have a document you type out for them to sign so they know they must follow the real laws.

  3. here we go again. restrictions on the sheeple. this is to control everything, everyone. this will allow shotgunning out mail in ballots, and put the best fraud machine ever seen back in business. per our feckless leader comment in the run up to 2020 selection of the worst possible candidate to try to “lead” this country down the communist pathway to china. no light bulbs, air conditioning etc for the masses, just for the elites. no way. time to call a screeching HALT. tell the folks NO. NO. NO. you can’t put rings in our noses and lead us like cattle to the slaughter again. we WOKE UP to your madness. took a while, but we did. no more poison mandated injected into our bodies. or lose our jobs. I personally know of several WHOLE FAMILIES WHO DIED BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT THE BIG LIE ABOUT THE JAB. just lost one two weeks ago. CANCER. HEART ATTACKS, ETC. now they know we know, they are trying to IMPRISON THOSE WHO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM. THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS STILL THERE. SO IS THE SECOND. SO IS THE BILL OF RIGHTS. STAND UP, SALUTE THE FLAG. DO YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY. NO MATTER WHAT. SEE WHAT JEFFERSON SAID. WHEN TYRANNY BECOMES LAW, REBELLION BECOMES DUTY. NOT MY WORDS, THOMAS JEFFERSONS. THAT IS ONE OF THE SMARTEST MEN I KNOW. HOW ABOUT YOU????????? I am not promoting physical harmful rebellion, just use your common sense…….

  4. Only way they can continue to ruin the country. If not through voting then rioting and burning.

  5. Are the students and faculty at Morris Brown so stupid or uninformed that they’ll put up with this trainload of bovine feces yet again? DO NOT COMPLY, SHEEPLE! Think for yourselves. Do your own research. Use your brains for something other than blind obedience to this ridiculous authoritarian scam.

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