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Attempted Murder: Officer Bryant Williams Identified as DC Cop Who Pushed Trump Supporter Derrick Vargo Off 2-3 Story Ledge on Jan. 6

Derrick Vargo is lucky he was not killed after Capitol Police Officer Bryant Williams threw him down two or three stories onto the concrete below.

The Capitol police did kill four Trump supporters including Ashli Babbitt, who was shot, and Rosanne Boyland who was trampled to death as people pleaded with them to stop and allow to try to save her life.

Vargo is now planning to sue the police over his attempted murder.

Vargo said:

“Capitol Police tried to murder me. I am stepping forward to be the voice for those that they killed on January 6th like Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland and the others who no longer have a voice.”

In March Stephen Horn identified Officer Bryant Williams as the DC police officer who pushed Vargo off the ledge in what looks like attempted murder.

Horn reported:

Court documents released last month reveal the identity of the masked Capitol Police Officer as Bryant Williams. Although many of these facts were brought to my attention by a confidential source, they are verifiable via publicly available material. I am sharing this information because I believe in accountability.

Officer Williams is first seen at the foot of this staircase around 1:00 pm, shortly after rioters had overrun the police line at the perimeter of Capitol Grounds…

After officers attempt to strike, spray, and grab Vargo, he turns around and begins heading back towards the bottom of the staircase. Just then, the video shows Officer Williams stepping forward and pushing Vargo off the staircase.

When Vargo hits the ground, there is an immediate reaction in the crowd below, as many witnessed the incident and believe the police officer is responsible. Shortly after Vargo is carried off on a bicycle rack used as an improvised stretcher, members of the crowd below the staircase begin throwing objects at the police on the landing. Under assault from two directions, these police retreat.

From The Gateway Pundit

Please watch our exclusive in-depth interview with Derrick Vargo. Vargo is the man who was seen thrown from a high wall at the Capitol on January 6th by a Capitol Police Officer.

Vargo says he was climbing the wall to fly his Trump flag after being inspired by another rally-goer flying an American flag from a high perch.

This is a must-see!

See the highly anticipated video here:

Please help Vargo get justice for those killed on January 6th by donating to his legal fund. The funds will go to his criminal defense if he is politically persecuted by the Biden Regime for stepping forward, and to investigators in his civil suit against Capitol Police.

Capitol Police have started numerous frivolous lawsuits against people that attended the January 6th event- including Donald Trump, protesters, rally organizers, and men and women languishing to this day in DC Gitmo.

To add insult to injury, Officer Michael Byrd’s GiveSendGo accumulated over $164,000. Some lawmakers on the left have lauded him a hero worthy of reward for shooting Ashli Babbitt.  This includes Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who encouraged his Twitter following to give money to Byrd’s fund. Sickening!

According to attorney Joseph McBride, because Vargo is suing the Capitol Police for damages he would be privy to discovery and evidence that could potentially shine a light on who was responsible for giving orders on January 6th that left so many Trump supporters injured or dead, and given Democrats a political weapon to leverage against average Americans with no seeming end in sight.

“The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure give plaintiffs a wide variety of tools to obtain information in civil proceedings,” said McBride. “The scope of relevancy as well as the tools available to obtain relevant information, such as depositions and interrogatories, are far more intrusive than those available in criminal proceedings.”




14 Responses

  1. There’s no doubt about the corruption in DC in and out of our supposed government. Sue them into oblivion.

    1. And include the persons who instructed the House Police and DC Police to use force and started the rioting…..Pelosi and Schumer

  2. Well NOTHING happened to the BLACK CAPITOL COP that Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt, a WHITE FEMALE VETERAN? WTF? This Assassin claimed she was wearing a BACKPACK as the reason for Murdering her! If it was a WHITE COP that killed a BLACK Person, All Hell would break loose with CRYS of HATE CRIME! This Nonsense Must Stop or Else!

  3. This corrupt federal government must be overthrown.
    We must go all the way back and re-establish the government in accordance with the Articles of Confederation

  4. The DC cops are nothing more than the DNC and Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats Gestapo goon squad.
    The cops did nothing when the terrorists of Antfa and BLM were destroying things and causing millions of dollars worth of damage and harrassing people.
    This is the government The Founding Father’s warned us about. The Federal government and local DC government are not upholding their oath of office and are trying to destroy our God given rights that are reaffirmed in The Constitution. This is shown daily by their policies and actions.
    The biden regime is committing Treason and aiding and abetting human trafficking and drug smuggling via the illegal invasion of the Southern border.
    The alphabet soup group agencies are committing more crimes than they have stopped.

  5. Oh, good!! We know who the thug cop is that tried to kill a patriot. Has he been charged with attempted murder yet? Why not?

  6. Civil suit? Why not criminal charges. It is time that the criminals no longer have sway in in DC. Get rid of the criminal cops, investigate how the mayor and the rest of the city government officials and employees were involved and put them in prison for as long as possible.

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