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Australian Employers Being Told To Destroy Covid-19 Data On Employees

The Australian government is under fire for its decision to order employers to destroy COVID-19 jab data collected about their staff. According to 7News Melbourne, the WorkSafe organization has mandated that such employers have just thirty days to dispose of any personal information regarding vaccinations.

This mandate was issued in response to pandemic orders which allowed businesses and organizations to go above and beyond usual privacy standards in order to collect, record, and hold employees’ vaccination statuses.

This move has been questioned by many on social media, who have raised concerns over the possibility of authorities attempting a ‘dump the evidence’ scheme in order deny crimes against humanity ever took place – thus destroying proof of their reprehensible actions.

The questions raised point towards a much bigger issue; did these employers really use coercion tactics such as forcing individuals into getting an experimental shot or risk losing their jobs?

It was previously reported that Australia had plans for ‘no jab no pay’ policies, which would link receipt of welfare payments with providing proof of having received a COVID-19 vaccine.

While this proposal was eventually withdrawn due to public backlash, it still raises concerns over how far governments are willing to go when it comes to collecting private medical information from citizens without their consent.

This latest development only adds further fuel the fire – why is it necessary for authorities to demand destruction of vaccination data within thirty days? Is there something they don’t want us knowing? Do we need stronger laws protecting our personal data from being used without our permission?

Perth Now provided further details:

Employers have 30 days to destroy Victorians’ COVID-19 vaccination data after the expiration of regulations introduced during the pandemic.

The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (COVID-19 Vaccination Information) Regulations came into effect in mid-2022 after vaccination requirements under pandemic orders were removed.

The regulations meant businesses could collect, record, hold and use COVID vaccination information from their employees, contractors, volunteers and students on work placement.

They expired on Wednesday, meaning employers who gathered COVID vaccine details purely under those rules have 30 days to destroy them.

Those allowed or otherwise legally required to collect and hold onto the information are not compelled to.

WorkSafe issued a reminder to employers about the change, saying a worker’s COVID vaccination status was also protected by other legislation.




7 Responses

  1. Totally agree that many Corporations even in this country coerced employees into getting the experimental worthless jab otherwise they would lose their job. Major financial institutions, airlines, Hospitals and Federal agencies all are guilty. And the Media covered it all so there should be evidence. But 1st Pfizer, Biden and other pharmaceutical Execs, need to be arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity. Pfizer’s tests not only resulted in deaths but showed how bad the effects of the worthless vaccine would be on those vaccinated. But the Truth was never told and the Biden Administration , Fauci and the rest (FDA, etc.) All lied to the people and mandated that they all be vaccinated … Or Else!!!. They are all guilty of murder, treason and such and should all be executed or assassinated.

  2. The government, the pharma companies and the medical industry all have their butts covered. They illegally forced a dangerous, useless jab on the citizens of the world not to save lives but knowingly to take millions of lives, sterilize children and adults in order to carry out their culling of the world population. They believe the world is over populated so they release a virus they have a toxic jab for, think about it, the jab was ready in no time while it takes years to cure other diseases. Now they are talking about another virus that is going to be just as bad. Another jab waiting to destroy more lives?

  3. Next the Funeral Parlors and cemetaries will benefit from the boondoggle. I can’t believe our federal government is so out of control and lying to us by direction of the current Crime Boss Joe Biden

  4. If the data is unavailable, they can’t be sued for forcing the “killer jab”.

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