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Non-Binary Doll Presented to Preschoolers in Teacher Training Video

Young children were shown a non-binary doll called Nash in a documentary video that was used to train daycare staff in North Carolina. In the video posted to social media, a group of four and five-year-old children are introduced by an educator identified as Maddie Piper to a non-binary doll named Nash. When asked whether […]

Pathetic Conservatives Force Newcomers To Learn About ‘White Resentment’ and ‘Microaggressions’

Prospective Conservative MPs are forced to undergo diversity training on issues such as “white resentment” and “microaggressions” before they’re allowed to stand for Parliament. In details obtained by the Telegraph, all Parliamentary candidates for the Conservative Party have to undergo various training courses, including normal HR training like social media best practices, emotional intelligence, and […]

Drag Queen Story Hour Founder Raises Money for Funeral of Child Rapist

The founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK is helping raise money for the funeral of another drag queen, who happens to be a convicted child rapist. Darren Moore, 39, was found dead on Sunday morning after he was last seen leaving a gay nightclub in the Welsh city of Cardiff, dressed up in full […]

Dems TURN On Traitor Joe Over Documents Scandal, Signal They Might Agree To Impeach

Top Senate Democrats, including Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Joe Manchin, have slammed Biden over his mishandling of classified documents. Since the news broke that multiple stashes of classified documents from his time as Vice President and the Senate were found in his Delaware home, Biden has remained unapologetic, telling reporters that he has “no […]

Is Biden Ignoring Evidence of Biological Weapons Hidden in Ukraine?

If Americans only listened to the storyline being told by the mainstream media, everyone in the country would replace their “Stars and Stripes” with a Ukrainian flag. According to the parrots in the media, every man, woman, and child should support the Ukrainians’ noble cause. Russia, led by the evil Vladimir Putin, is the bad […]

Greg Steube Hospitalized After Falling 25 Feet From Florida Home

Rep. Greg Steube has been hospitalized after he fell off the roof of his Florida home on Wednesday afternoon. In a statement posted to social media by his congressional office, they confirmed that Steube “was involved in an accident on his property late [Wednesday] afternoon and has sustained several injuries.” They added that they would […]

We’re Doomed: First Gay, LGBT, Dem Congressman Swears Oath Using SUPERMAN Comic

Representative-elect Robert Garcia, the first gay immigrant elected to Congress, will swear his oath to the Constitution on top of the first issue of the Superman comic. After newly elected members of Congress have arrived at the Capitol, they swear an oath, bearing “true faith and allegiance” to the Constitution, converting them from Representatives and […]

House GOP Demands Answers From Fired Twitter Execs Behind Biden Laptop Cover-Up

Rep. James Comer has requested three former Twitter executives implicated in the cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop story to appear before the House Oversight Committee next month. On Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi published internal documents given to him by new Twitter owner Elon Musk, revealing just how the Hunter Biden laptop story was covered […]