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Authorities in Maine Withholding Information About Drugs Prescribed to Mass Murderer Robert Card

The Maine authorities have not released critical information regarding Robert Card, the perpetrator of last week’s mass murder in which 18 people were killed.

On Wednesday evening, Robert Card, a U.S. Army Reservist, went on a shooting spree in two popular locations in Lewiston, Maine: Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant and Sparetime Recreation. This tragic occurrence left 18 people dead and 13 wounded, leaving communities stunned with shock and sorrow.

The Maine Information and Analysis Center had released information regarding the suspected shooter prior to the incident; Card was an experienced firearms instructor associated with the Army Reserve based in Saco, Maine who had recently been experiencing mental health issues such as auditory hallucinations and making threats against the National Guard Base in Saco.

In September of 2023 Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry sent deputies to Card’s home after receiving notice from the U.S. Army Reserve that Card had issued “veiled threats” against an army base; however he was not found at this time and no further actions were taken.

The News Center Maine reported Chief Jack Clements of Saco Police Department deployed officers to patrol the local Army base where Card had trained but they did not find him either.

Despite these alerts and efforts to locate him, it appears that Robert Card was not on the FBI’s radar before his shooting spree occurred which resulted in his ability to purchase firearms lawfully without detection by law enforcement agencies according to AP reports.

His enlistment into the Army Reserve began in 2002; signs of trouble first arose during a training exercise at Camp Smith near West Point, New York when he exhibited strange behavior and made threats which led him being committed to a mental health facility for two weeks yet this still didn’t seem to be enough for law enforcement agencies take notice of him before his devastating attack on Wednesday night

Sheila Matthews of AbleChild acquired some of the documents used by the media in their reporting, and identified several key pieces of information that were missing.

Upon examining the 61-page arrest warrant issued for mass murderer Robert Card, it was apparent that the report was incomplete: even the date of the first shooting was inaccurate; it had been recorded as March when in fact, it had occurred one week prior in October.

The arrest warrant on page 44 alludes to the possibility that Card may have been suffering from auditory hallucinations and schizophrenia.

In a search warrant dated October 26, no mental health records from any mental health professionals who had dealings with Card were included in the list of items searched for.

An incident report from May 4, 2023, includes comments from Card’s ex-wife and son.

His son believed his father was hearing voices.

On September 15, 2023, the Maine National Guard issued another incident report.

According to the report, Card was experiencing psychotic episodes and hearing voices.

Card allegedly made threats to shoot up the Saco National Guard facility. The presence of psychotic symptoms suggest that Card had been receiving psychiatric care prior to this incident.

The Maine State Attorney General’s office has requested that any claims of Mr. Card being observed or treated by a psychiatrist be refuted.

Sheila Matthews’ decades of research into psychiatric drugs have revealed the immense power of Big Pharma in pushing these medications onto children in schools. Furthermore, her studies into mass murderers have shown that many of them had been taking such drugs for extended periods prior to their attacks on society.

The limited information regarding Card’s DUI arrest in 2007 raises questions about any treatment he may have received following the incident. Considering this, we must ascertain why the authorities in Maine are withholding information from the public.

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  1. Maybe two years ago or so the drugs that these mass murderers were on was highlighted and questioned but was nipped in the bud very quickly, never to be brought up again. I think we no why. There is a reason that the drug narrative was shut down . Years ago there was very few shootings like this. If you think about it, one of the things that has changed over the years is the amount of people on some type of over the counter drug. Mention you have a headache in a room of people and you will be offered anything from Tylenol to every other medication. With the covid vaccine debacle, who in their right mind would take anything that is recommended from a pharmaceutical company and/or the government.

  2. Has anybody had an experience where two (or more) mental health professionals have to diagnose and submit :”Final Analysis” (and) ambiguity prevails??? Look at the 1980’s Ritalin craze in all lower schoolrooms and young children. Rampant school hiring of “Psychologists” were seen as an answer to “unruly classroom antics” displayed by “misfit students.” Truancy was never addressed and what if anything was “amiss” in an “unruly child’s” home life. Fast forward to present day school coddling of all young children. Nothing is offered to a child…leading to “self fulfillment” and “character development” despite “School Psychologists” scribbled notes and opinions. Lastly, there’s so much occurring inside the “silent walls” of today’s schools, never (ever) being shared with that child’s parents…”your child, is OUR CHILD!” Now prevails…and the “molding of deformed psyche’s” by overbearing “educators” (who are nothing more than aberrant molders of obedient slaves, indoctrinate their “charges” with political drivel and “political hubris.”) Example: “George Washington was a crazed plantation owner with slaves he beat and even murdered!” And “School Board” Officials just “pooh-pooh” these events as “letting off steam.” School Choice is the only way we’ll correct this travesty. Homeschooling is another opportunity to reverse this trend. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless. i

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