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AZ State Senator Borrelli Throws Down The Gauntlet, ORDERS County Supervisors to Comply With SCR1037 Which Bans Foreign Voting Machines in Arizona

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli put Arizona County Supervisors on notice this morning, warning them not to use foreign voting machines which are illegal in Arizona.

Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to “regulate the ‘Times, Places and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives.’”

The Arizona House and Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037, setting official requirements about the machines that can and can’t be used in elections.

The resolution bans foreign voting machines and requires that the source codes be made available to the public. This Resolution bypassed the Governor and was transmitted directly to the Secretary of State’s office.

Should the Secretary of State or counties fail to comply with the law, they will be sued and worse. I look for them to not comply as Arizona is the election fraud capital of the world. The Secretary of State could be impeached because of the law that would be broken.

Senator Borrelli issued the following press release this morning:

Senate Majority Leader Calls on County Supervisors Statewide to Protect National Security During Future Elections

PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli is notifying all County Board of Supervisors within the state of Arizona via letter today that they must first and foremost prioritize protecting national security during any future elections.

Back in 2017, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security issued a statement clearly designating elections infrastructure as critical infrastructure, which means these electronic systems must have safeguards in place to prevent any attacks which threaten our national security.

This session, the Senate passed legislation that would have fulfilled federal government requirements to protect critical elections infrastructure, however Senate Bill 1074 was vetoed by the Governor. Therefore, with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037 (SCR 1037) by the Legislature and its transmission to the Secretary of State. The Legislature is exercising our plenary authority to see that no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona are used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating, or verifying federal elections, unless those systems meet necessary standards of protection.

“The federal government has made it very clear that elections equipment is considered a target by those who want to threaten the safety and security of our country,” said Majority Leader Borrelli. “We have long ignored this elephant in the room by allowing electronic voting systems made with parts produced in countries considered adversaries to the United States to be used as the primary method for conducting our elections. It is in our state’s and nation’s best interest that we comply with implementation of security measures to protect our republic.”

Borrelli sent the following letter to all Arizona County Supervisor Chairmen:

Dear Chair,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the latest update from the 56° Legislature, First Regular Session on necessary national security measures. A press release issued by the office of the United States Secretary of Homeland Security on January 17, 2017, clearly states the designation of election infrastructure. Election infrastructure is critical infrastructure. The obvious reason for this is because elections have a major impact on national security. It’s vital that the State of Arizona complies with that inherent intent from the federal government and works to ensure a system of cybersecurity and oversight is established within every political subdivision. The passage of Senate Bill 1074 (SB 1074) would have fulfilled those requirements to protect critical infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the Governor chose to veto SB 1074. As a result, she’s exposing our electronic voting systems, which are made with components from countries considered adversaries to the U.S., to attacks and putting Arizona as well as the rest of the nation in an extremely vulnerable and dangerous position.

Accordingly, with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 1037 (SCR 1037) by the Legislature and transmission to the Secretary of State on April 3, 2023, it is now incumbent upon the Legislature to exercise our plenary authority. Enshrined in Article I, Section 4, Clause I of the United States Constitution, “times, places and manner” of conducting federal elections specifically conveys electronic voting systems (manner) are not mandated in statute to be used as a primary method for counting, tabulating or verification.

Therefore, be it resolved by the Fifty-Sixth Legislature, First Regular Session, no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona may be used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating. or verifying federal elections, unless those systems meet the requirements set forth in SCR 1037.

Borelli ain’t playing.




5 Responses

  1. Careful, very careful…see the USA leftists have run their “show and tell” Election 2024 template and (even after MAGA-candidates court “reveals”) almost , but didn’t, close-the-deal. Why? Read American Thinkers May 25,2023 court reveal by Jay Valentine. It’s all there…simple, clear and very detailed (expert witness stuff, folks). Arizona is the world capital of Election Fraud. Election Officials changed printer settings, election officials also “jacked with voter rolls days before Elections.” The single most important take-away from Keri Lake’s SINGULAR JOAN OF ARC BATTLE is (drumroll please) exposing America’s left’s toll boxes of total control over every State’s election apparatus…PERIOD. Keri Lake’s various complaints to Election Interference forced leftist’s hand in revealing these weapons…and exactly their choice of how, when and where these will be deployed …”leftist’s control the entire election apparatus in every “swing” state.” Got It? Keri Lake’s yeoman’s effort in hauling their top level actors into court was a “stroke-of-genius!!!” Leftists had to “Open their tool boxes.” We now know what 2024 will “reveal.” 1) Real Time snap shots of state voter rolls. This single action easily stops some 33,000 (or more) Zip Codes from being changed the week “mail-in” ballots are sent out…only to , later, be changed back. There are more “Stop-The-Steal” steps we can take to unfold and put order to leftists chaos in Our Elections Process. Pray. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate stupid Columia U.”s Frnakfurt School’s (dumb) Hegelian Indoctrination and Ideological marxism now being “force-fed” to our school aged children. God Bless.

  2. It’s ABOUT TIME! Hats off to Kari Lake and Mike Lindell for NEVER given up! THANKS to Senator Borrelli for Laying the Law Down! Would you please teach the other swing STATES to do the same. ALL STATES should throw OUT the Dominion/Chinese voting machines. It’s a shame that the States have to protect themselves from our own corrupt Gov. that is in bed with China, but if the states don’t protect our federal elections, we will never have a fair election in America Again, so the Dems can force their Socialist Agenda on all of us!

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