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Basketball Referee Attacked and Beaten on Court by Girls Team

On Sunday, at the Next Level Classic in Fairland, Indiana, a disturbing incident occurred when members of a Cincinnati girls basketball team attacked and beat a referee at the end of a game.

Video footage shows the referee being swarmed by players before being punched. Witnesses report that upon falling to the court after the punch, she was then kicked by her assailants.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating this incident which resulted in minor injury for the referee according to The Indy Star.

The attack took place during a blowout game between Dynasty Sports Performance Heat from Owensboro, Kentucky and the Cincinnati Indians Elite. So far no arrests have been made in relation to this assault.

This attack is an unfortunate reminder of how quickly tensions can escalate on sports courts.

WLWT-TV reported the coach of the opposing team, Bobby Ewing, said another coach threatened to shoot him in the parking lot (excerpt):

Ewing said it turned even more violent when players stomped on the referee.

“They had her on the ground. She was laying on the ground, and they were kicking her,” Ewing said.

Eventually, Ewing said the Cincinnati players were escorted out of Triton Central High School, where the tournament was held.

What he says he heard at that time was just as disturbing as what he saw.

“I get to the door where they’re getting escorted out, the other team from the ref, and I hear an assistant coach say, ‘I got five shots for you in the parking lot.’ I know what five shots in the parking lot mean. That’s a gun,” Ewing said.





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  1. There are some groups of people who have a propensity to get violent as that seems to be the only answer they have to something they disagree with. Fighting, pulling hair, kicking, punching, and guns seem to run in the lawless, classless, loud, clueless answer bucket instead of just trying harder to succeed. Then they wonder why, when they are so easily identified, that they are somewhat feared or shunned. Prior to Obams this was only 1% as bad as it is now.

    1. Your inference is that this is racial. You fail to recognize and ACKNOWLEDGE the chaos after football games at the COLLEGE AND professional levels where there are fights and disturbances after said games, and this does not involve minorities.
      So, if I”m reading you correctly, these “incidents” are OK, but not in all instances.
      I would argue that these incidents should NEVER HAPPEN.

    2. All of us with any common sense will agree with you 100%. They have not learned to act civilized.

  2. This is the S*it that has permeated our schools today. The Cincinatti HS team (gang) needs to be disbanded and never allowed to play another team again. The Cincinatti assistant coach that threatened the other team with gun violence needs to be arrested and made to stand trial.

  3. That’s the way they were brought up. We are losing kids to violence in many ways. Is this ever going to stop?

  4. Don’t know why I felt compulsed to open this and verify………

    I KNEW it was going to be the problem race.

    1. Not the race, just members of it, lots of black citizens do not approve of this behavior, but democrats continue push that it is allowed for certain members of the race. Many years ago in Jasper TX, some white men dragged a black man to death behind a pickup truck, the black panthers and the KKK showed up, the black and white citizens told them both to get the hell out of town and stop trying to use their town fir their agendas!

  5. Before seeing the video, how did I know it was going to be those innocent ones I keep hearing about.

  6. Many years ago well known Criminologist named Dr. Marvin Wolfgang did a very long study of crime within the black race and one thing he determined was that there is a subculture of violence that will never go away!

    1. The subculture of violence is and has been prevalent since Creation. To impute this to one “race” makes me question the author and the extent to which he studied ALL”races” rather than this one. Studies and statistics can establish and prove anything that we want them to prove.

  7. Isn’t that the way they always settle their arguments? They don’t have enough words in their vocabulary to talk it out. Drive by shootings every weekend, shootings at every large party. Shameful. And always blamed on society.

    1. Who is the “they”, and how about fights and disturbances that occur after college and professional games? That seems to be OK by your inferences.

  8. You blurred the video so you could protect the FACT that the attackers are from the savage race that does most of all violent attacks in the country. This TV station & their network should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. They can blur it but we see as we always have. Some of us live with our eyes wide open and God will be with us.

  9. So again, more black people breaking laws. When does it end. Notice no criticism of the team. Notice race of referee not said. When will we stop making excuses for these people and their behavior.

    1. Calling this group “animals” is an insult to respectable animals. Maybe a term like “mongrels”, or shameless “thugs” would be more appropriate.

  10. Blurred just enough to allow identification of race, not individuals. Bad civilizational perspective, if anything.

  11. Yup, lucifer’s dimmercrap Hambones, just doin what comes nachrul. Blame everything on everything/everybody but the guilty. THEMSELVES.

  12. If they were White kids they wouldn’t have blurred them out.. Shame WLWT…Yellow journalism

    1. If they would have been white kids the local & national media would be on the parents doorstep asking why their children are white supremist.

    1. Would you say the same about the rioting and antisocial activity that occurs after a team wins a championship or an important game, regardless of “race”?

  13. Studies can prove anything that the person conducting the study wants to prove. Violence has been a part of human existence since the Creation. To impute this kind of activity to one “race” makes e wonder about both the study and the author. I’d like to see him study other “races” and determine if the same does or does not exist therein!

  14. The video wasn’t blurred so much to protect the identities of the juvenile female thugs as it was to hide the fact they are not Caucasian, Hispanic nor Asian. And those non Caucasian, non Hispanic, non Asian thugs sure make their people look bad.

  15. Just black youth being black youth. They are all Obama’s children and are protected by the woke Federal government and communist media.

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