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Behar Accuses Pence of Using ‘Homophobia’ to Appeal to ‘Deplorable Base’

On Tuesday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar told her colleagues that former Vice President Mike Pence is using “homophobia” in order to appeal to the “deplorable” base of voters.

What a twat.

Her accusations came after media outlets reported on Saturday that Pence was speaking at the annual white-tie Gridiron Dinner when he referenced Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Pence said, “When Pete’s two children were born, he took two months’ maternity leave whereupon thousands of travelers were stranded in airports, the air traffic system shut down, and airplanes nearly collided on our runways…Pete is the only person in human history to have a child, and everyone else gets postpartum depression.”

Behar said in a salty tone, “I want to talk about the joke.”

She continued, “Besides the fact that the joke was not funny, it’s coming from someone who has a history of homophobia. That is what the problem is. This is a guy who has always been against gay marriage. He was against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Even more egregious, as governor of Indiana, he exacerbated an HIV epidemic in South Bend, Indiana because he waited to legalize needle exchanges and closing down Planned Parenthood which was the only HIV testing site in the area. He should be ashamed of himself.”

The sour puss added, “I also have to say that this is a very, very craven attempt to appeal to the MAGA base yet again. Once they decide to run for president, they’ve got to get this deplorable base on their side in order to win the primary. That’s what they keep doing over and over again. That includes Trump, of course, the king of all of it and also DeSantis and now Pence because he wants to run for president, and that is a pathetic situation, in my opinion.”

Way to make a mountain out of a molehill. Pence made an innocent joke. Behar, like most snowflakes, had to turn it into more than it was.





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  1. A waste of time, money and effort to bother commenting on the Democrat Party organization because it knows its a corrupt, illegal outgrowth of “Jim Crow” abominable Southern treatment of their “serfs” brought to these shores by horrific boatloads of wonderful, loving family members in atrocious, ungodly conditions in undescribably inhumane overcrowded conditions where countless millions died in watery graves (yes, literally tossed overboard). That’s today’s 21st Century Democrat Party members…and they parrot media executives idle prattle about our (BIBLICAL) USConstitution that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY WORKS 24/7 TO TEAR DOWN: The 1) Individual and THEIR GOD; 2) Family (one man, one woman procreating with siblings) and 3) Individuals and Families united in homogenous COMMUNITIES with like-minded, religious, educated, hard-working (legal) Americans contributing to USA. 4)Religion (practicing their chosen denomination). See, we are a Judeo-Christian Heritage nation; 5) Education where the STEM and Math, Sciences and Reading are fundamental(Classical);6)Governance where “Rule of Law” is the norm and not “trickery-dickery-dock” lawlessness…lastly 7)Finances…enabling the expansion of a vibrant, God Fearing MIDDLE CLASS. That’s what Democrats DO NOT WANT. Make a note of all these points when one goes to their next school Board meetings. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really stupid Hegelian marxist indoctrination and ideology…dumber than dumb). God Bless.

  2. piss off all your skanks and c*&ts on the view, you are completely hopeless and you have NO SOULS

  3. Projecting AGAIN, Joy? We suffer no “phobia”, just a natural, visceral revulsion for an unnatural, abnormal behavior; 1 for which no human was physiologically designed. That’s not even “hatred” for, or rejection of, the person practicing those behaviors. Yhwh God declared that behavior a sin(rebellion against him, self, & others), millennia ago, & an abomination because it harms the practitioners thereof physically, mentally, & spiritually, yet at no time declared hate for the person practicing that sin, & gave us, as His followers, that model to follow. He declared a death penalty for it, because sin is “contagious” (“a little leaven leaveneth the whole [batch]”), & it is a CHOICE; NONE is compelled to behave in that manner! Neither is any created such that he cannot behave otherwise.
    That said, we, as Christians & Jews ma Our y not “accept”, or “tolerate”, much less “celebrate”, much behavior. The stoning was set aside, for a time, by the events at Calvary & Gethsemane, but now that time is also drawing to a close, & Yhwh God will deal with them, as with all who sin & remain unrepentant, when that time comes. That’s not for us to do either. Our duty is only to follow our Lord’s ways, & present His truths to others, nothing more. What those others do about His truths is between them & Him, not our problem.
    As for Buttegeig & his UAs, that’s him failing to do his job. When an unexpected crisis erupts in your area of responsibility, you put all else aside & go deal with it, PERIOD! You don’t stay on vacation. That’s how it works when you’re in a “public service” job. Some jobs are 24/7, 365 on call; his is 1 such. Since he refuses to do that, he needs to resign or be fired.

  4. For Behar, I feel sorry for a person who is too stupid to recognize her own weaknesses, faults and downright hatred for anyone of we “Deplorables” to realize that most Americans wonder if she is even a “human being”! She seems to have great difficulty understanding that her actions betray her feelings toward others. She accuses “Deplorables” of doing the very things she does. Guess that is why and how she constantly makes such a fool of herself!

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