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Biden Tries to Take a Victory Lap on Chinese Spy Balloon and Gets Clobbered

President Joe Biden tried to take a victory lap Saturday afternoon for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon and people let him have it since he had it shot down after traveling across the entire country. It’s like celebrating a last-minute touchdown meaning you only lost the game by a score of 92-7. The balloon had already sailed across the country and over dozens of high-value targets.  Joe Biden is not just a wimp, he is China’s wimp. They own him.

Whether they have the goods on him or they are paying him, Biden is compromised beyond belief. If he had done half as much for the American -people as he has done for communist China, we would all be in better shape, but we’re not. In his comments to reporters, Biden claims he “ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible.” That’s like making a three-point basket and then losing by 2 points because your shot came 12 seconds after the game ended. It is not a victory if you do something after the game is already over.

The administration knew the balloon was over our territory on January 28th. But, they did nothing until it had already completed its mission. Biden is a national embarrassment. If only the Democrats still had to depend on actual voters to win elections, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in.

From The Daily Wire

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the spy ballon was sent to the U.S. “in an attempt to surveil strategic sites in the continental United States.”

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), the Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and a member of the Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that Biden should have taken out the balloon much sooner “over remote areas of Alaska or Montana.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Greene (R-NC) said that it was “indefensible that this threat was eliminated only after great public outcry and the damage to U.S. national security and American sovereignty was already done.”

“The fact remains that President Biden, when faced with the opportunity to protect the homeland from our adversaries, chose yet again to demonstrate weakness on the global stage,” Greene added. “From the Southern border to Afghanistan and, now, Chinese surveillance directly above our homes and sensitive military installations, this President shows he is not interested in protecting American interests.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) said that Biden should have “taken care of this before it became a national security threat.”

McCaul said:

“I hope we will be able to recover the wreckage to help determine what intelligence the CCP collected while its spy balloon was over our country for days. I will be demanding answers and will hold the admin accountable for this embarrassing display of weakness.”

Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) said:

 “The damage has already been done.”

“We need answers from the Biden Administration on why it took this long to bring the Chinese spy balloon down and we need [to] ensure that this never happens again.”

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) added:

“There need to be consequences for the CCP beyond the postponement of @SecBlinken’s trip to Beijing. All members of Congress need to be briefed on the situation this week and in the future as we learn more from studying the remains of the balloon’s payload. We also need to take steps now to demonstrate to the Chinese government the seriousness of their actions. Whether through new sanctions or tighter restrictions on U.S. exports to China, the message needs to be loud and clear.”





35 Responses

    1. If you’re going to demostrate to China/CCP the seriousness of their actions, restricting our exports is the opposite of what should be done. China imports should be restricted. That is the only way they’ll get the message.

    2. When Biden leaves, we get that “woman” with a face like a horse, and the speaking manner of a second-grade teacher. I’m convinced she was selected to be his poison pill.

      As bad as he is, who wants her in office?

  1. No protection and no support for the USA. Open borders, inflation, dividing the United States and increasing taxes the list could go on forever of the present Administration’s failures. When you have a backbone of a Jellyfish, nothing of any good will happen.

  2. Retire him to a assisted living home. Dr. Jill can be his medical provider. And Hunter can change Joe’s diapers and bedding along with providing the $50,000/mo residency fee.

  3. After spending time in salt water, what information does the DOD expect to glean from this spy balloon?

  4. Biden, you are full of crap with your victory dance. You have always been a wimp, and still are one. Just like Obummer, you like to lead from behind, as far away as possible.
    Shame on you. You are not Presidential material.

    1. U have to remember he’s just a pretending president. Because he was Pushed on the We The People after the 2020 Election was Stolen from the Duly Elected POTUS Donald J. Trump.

    2. He’s not even pretending president Material ! He wasn’t Elected pretending president ! He was put in office after the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen
      from Duly Elected POTUS Donald J. Trump.

    3. Remember his jackass explanation on how to use a firearm to protect your home if it’s invaded? Take your shotgun out on the front porch and shoot it in the air. So you take a perfectly good firearm and turn it into a club?

  5. Obama said don’t ever underestimate Joe’s ability to screw up everything he touches. History will write that Biden and his team and his VOTERS destroyed everything generations worked to build.

  6. That balloon could have been slow descended down and examined very closely to discover its mission, information gathered and electronic secrets. Is Biden trying to say NO ONE IN THE PENTAGON KNEW THAT? I’M RETIRED MILITARY AND EVEN I KNEW THAT! What a liar he is!!!

  7. Biden, you are a worthless, bumbling jackass. You allowed the Communist Chinese spy balloon to traverse the United States and only shot it down because the news media found out about it. Traitorous scum!

  8. Biden is a complete disaster as a POTUS. He is clearly at the top of the class as the worst president that this country has ever had and nobody is a close second to him.

  9. Pathetic Coward Joe Biden showed his True Colors of Yellow down his Back when it comes to Protecting the American People!!! Biden and his Administration has been bought and payed for by Chinese Communist Party, Greenies Environmentalist scammers and George Soros!!!

  10. In my humble opinion, the fraud in our White House is just doing what he and his anti-American pals have planned since they illegally claimed a “win”. He is just a puppet, doing what the dark state, swamp and those who want to “fundamentally transform” (remember that) our great America. Since they dislike the country where they live large and free, why don’t we just move them to Iran, China, Russia, Saudia or any othe third world country where they would fit right in.

  11. Would love to say something nice and uplifting but I can’t. In this case respecting old people just doesn’t cut it.

  12. Lying Corrupt Quid pro KING Joe shouldn’t flatter himself. Lack of response from Corrupt Quid Pro was intentional. There were plenty of opportunity to bring this balloon down over unpopulated areas, and not with an expensive missile either. The only reason Corrupt Quid Pro brought this balloon down was because the POTUS received an earful, otherwise he would have let it go on it’s way. Weather balloon? The Chinese must think Americans are awful dumb. We are not as dumb as Corrupt Quid Pro looks. A weather balloon that just happens to stray off course and fly over America’s military installations. Communist China attempted this, because they know that Corrupt Quid Pro is a compromised president owned and beholden to Communist China. Corrupt Quid Pro sold out America to Communist China, made millions under the table from communist China, which has to do with corrupt Quid Pro’s lack of response. Corrupt Quid Pro is a traitor to his country, and should be treated accordingly. One might suspect that Communist China is mapping out America’s military sites, just in case, the Communists decide to invade Taiwan, and will threaten America’s military sites if the U.S. gets involved. Thanks Corrupt Quid Pro.

  13. I have seen no evidence that it was a spy balloon. It could have been brought down slowly, safely and analyzed but that would eliminate the propaganda advantage. I have seen no evidence that it was a spy balloon only speculation.

  14. I have seen no evidence that it was a spy balloon. It could have been brought down slowly, safely, and analyzed but that would destroy the propaganda advantage.

  15. The US has been flying spy planes over Russia and China for many years and they have tried to shoot them down from the time they crossed over their borders, Sometimes they didn’t even wait till then, came after them over international waters and shot them down, many US military personnel have been killed in these shoot downs, but for Biden to let this spy baloon cross our border on the west coast and let it fly over the entire country then shoot it down after it left the east coast is pure BS

  16. America is now being informed the balloon truly was a spy vehicle, not a weather balloon. Someone is full of hot air.

    To allow that thing to wander across the US when it seems the people in charge(?) knew the CCCP has flown them over a number of countries is at the very least … careless.

  17. Biden is a train wreck. He was NEVER suited for the task as POTUS. His “Come on man” and “what am I doing here” also that “anyway” when he gets a brain fart, should disturb every American. To think, people voted for this mentally impaired man to run this country!

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