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Biden Trips During Event in Philly Raising More Concerns About Fitness

On Friday, President Joe Biden experienced a near-fall while ascending a short set of stairs to the podium at an event in Philadelphia.

The occurrence was captured on video and subsequently shared widely online, with many commentators highlighting his recurring struggles with falls, which have caused notable worry within the White House.

“The president was waving at supporters at the Tioga Marine Terminal, when he walked to a stage to climb the stairs and suddenly tripped. He appeared to stumble twice before making it to the podium,” Fox News reported. “During his speech, he announced the building of a hydrogen hub as part of his clean energy initiative.”

At the end of last month, President Joe Biden had a close call while descending Air Force One’s staircase at Detroit Metro Airport.

The incident occurred shortly after news broke that his campaign team was taking measures to prevent the president from tripping in public during the election season.

The 80-year-old president has been diagnosed with “significant spinal arthritis,” and has had several tripping incidents since then, leading many to question his age and physical fitness for office.

In response, Biden’s staff has taken increasingly stringent steps to ensure his safety; he now wears tennis shoes in public and limits stair climbs whenever possible.

Additionally, he is receiving physical therapy from Drew Contreras – a specialist who previously worked with former President Barack Obama – and is boarding Air Force One via shorter stairs to a lower level as an additional precautionary measure.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed, prompting several social media users to express their opinions on the matter.

However, many believe it is important that precautions are taken in light of Biden’s age and medical condition so that further injury can be avoided.

“Some senior Democrats privately have been frustrated with Biden’s advance team for months, citing the sandbag incident and noting that the president often appears not to know which direction to go after he speaks at a podium,” Axios reported.

Biden’s balance difficulties are likely the result of what his physician has diagnosed as “a combination of significant spinal arthritis” and “mild post-fracture foot arthritis.”

A misstep during the election season could potentially have a detrimental effect on Biden’s campaign, as he is already being scrutinized due to his age.

According to an Associated Press poll conducted this summer, 77% of respondents believed that Biden was too old to be effective for another four years in office; this opinion was shared by 89% of Republicans and 69% of Democrats.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News revealed that three out of five Democrats would prefer someone else to be their party’s nominee for 2024.

Professor James Gordon, Associate Dean and Chair of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at University of Southern California, commented to Axios: “I have never heard the term ‘proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers.’ It is not a clinical term in standard use.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Axios: “This isn’t new — it was proactively and transparently disclosed in a 2021 report from the president’s doctor and again this year.”

“This article fits an unfortunate pattern of media attempting to sensationalize something that has long been public, rather than covering the president’s very real achievements for hardworking Americans,” Bates added.

Some Democrats are apprehensive that a similar incident to the one with Republican Bob Dole in September 1996, when he fell off a stage at a rally shortly before the election, may occur with Joe Biden.

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8 Responses

  1. But Dems think he will get better with age over the next 6 years. Yes, they ARE that gullible.

  2. The FOOLS that voted for Biden are likely the SAME FOOLS that will vote for him again! Anti-American Democrats defy all logic and vote for the even more FOOLISH, “F#$KS UP EVERYTHING HE TOUCHED, BIDEN!” EVERY SINGLE policy he has implemented has proven to be a DISASTER FOR AMERICA!

  3. and “we” also believe that Amerika will stop being socialist, IF we keep sending them money and do nothing but pick our noses, while enjoying the abuses…. ? do NOT fool yourself, thou fool

  4. And note his white versus black segregated audience on either side in the respective photos; but 0l’ White Joe only mugs it up for his boatyard blackolytes !

  5. MOST Americans know that this whole fiasco is just the 3rd term of King Obama!
    He tells O’Biden what to think, say, and do! The “VILLAGE IDIOT” in the white House is, and has just been a PUPPET all along!
    The sad part of it all is that NO ONE has the intestinal fortitude to say the truth out load! As DonRS (above) says, the morons in DC will allow this travesty to go on and on, just to keep their IMAGINED wealth and power! They THINK that they will have a seat at the BIG TABLE when the World order takes over! I hope that I live long enough to see them all understand that they were just sad little pawns, as they are taken out with the trash!

  6. He looks like the loneliest President of all time. If that railing hadn’t been there he would have been heels up landing on his head. Every other President has had people nearby either Secret Service or aides. It’s as if No one wants to be near Biden, could they be secretly greasing the stairs treads ?

  7. And here I am…making sure that my home is fall resistant. Picking up rugs, building ramps, making sure all obstructions have been removed from point A to point B and investing in safety equipment, ie walker, wheelchair, etc. I’m always keeping a watchful eye to prevent any falls that could result in life threatening injuries and worrying that the next visit to ER will bring someone from the State checking to make sure that there is no elder abuse. I’ve never seen such flagrant elder abuse in my life, yet our dear First Lady and their family seem to be getting away with elder abuse on a daily basis. Why is this being allowed? If I have to answer for the safety of my elderly husband, Jill Biden should also be required to answer for the safety of her husband. You know, the President of the United States!


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