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Biden’s DEA Chief Accused Of Rewarding Friends With Cushy Government Contracts

A top Biden official has proven that she is just as corrupt as the man who appointed her. Anne Milgram, President Joe Biden’s Drug and Enforcement Agency chief for handing out no-bid contracts to her cronies. In many cases, the taxpayer-funded contracts were as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull. Her agency is supposed to be adhering to the contract bidding process, which she bypassed in order to give the work to friends and those who aided her mother.

Milgram was previously the Attorney General of New Jersey and formerly a law professor. I’m guessing she did not teach business ethics. The Inspector General is now investigating why she handed out no-bid contracts to her close friends. She is part of the Biden administration where the act of corruption is a resume enhancer rather than a detriment. She is being investigated for handing out millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money allegedly given out for “strategic planning and communication” and other contracts to her friends.

Scott Amey, general counsel of the nonpartisan Project on Government Oversight, told the AP:

“Some of these deals look very swampy.”

Also included in the report is a $1.4 million payment made to the firm WilmerHale. That contract called for an outside review of DEA foreign operations and how to prevent misconduct and reduce scandals. Ironically the contract they received should have been part of their report on scandals but wasn’t. Boyd Johnson was one of the leaders of the widely criticized report. Johnson was the right-hand man for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. Bharara is close friends with Milgram.

From The Daily Wire

One of the other authors of the study was 87-year-old DEA veteran John Lawn, whose knowledge of foreign practices related mostly to the 1980s. Post-government employment, Lawn was in charge of a beverage industry group that funded an alcohol research study led by Milgram’s mother.

Adding to the swampiness is the fact that the typical government-bidding process was discarded. The DEA argued that the “threat of illicit foreign drugs to the health and safety of the American public has never been greater” and required “urgency ” to complete the review.

Instead, the review took nearly a year and a half to complete when it was supposed to take six months at most.

One former DEA official, Matthew Donahue, described that review as “a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”  Donahue had led the DEA’s foreign operations unit but retired after he allegedly “butted heads” with Milgram, according to the AP.

“It’s something that could’ve been written in three days,” Donahue said of the finished product from WilmerHale. He also added that he and other key DEA officials and used publicly available information from press reports.

At least one lawmaker is now attempting to hold Milgram and the DEA accountable. According to the AP, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent Johnson a request for records and information regarding his relationship with the DEA chief.

“Though DEA originally billed this report as a ‘comprehensive review’ of DEA’s foreign operations strategy, the report glosses over or ignores serious shortcomings at the agency and spends much of its 49 pages quoting from publicly available documents that one could have pulled off a web site,” Grassley said.




6 Responses

  1. Of course nothing will happen to her since our government is nothing more than another organized crime organization.

  2. What do you expect from a biden pos official? the bi88h will get away without any punishment. The limp wrist media needs to be tossed into a trash bin and set on fire.

  3. The criminal Biden administration could do as it pleases without worrying about any consequences. The Republicans have absolutely no law enforcement authority. They are a bunch of big bark, no bite weaklings.. The DOJ, from Garland and Wray, all the way on down is corrupt as corrupt can be. These cretins are the right arm of the Biden administration and will do the bidding of Biden and Obama while ignoring any call for enforcement from Republicans. We pray that Trump wins the 2024 Presidential election and not only fires Garland and Wray, but has them criminally prosecuted. This would send a message to any corrupt DOJ wanna BE’s. Meantime, Republicans will be whistling past the grave yard for another year and half, hoping they can at least minimize the damage the Democrats are doing to our country.

  4. “No Bid contracts?” Disregard for Federal Procurement Code and obvious violations. And she was Attorney General of New Jersey. A Law Professor at Rutgers Univ.(BA) had to have plagiarized final exam. And at Cambridge’s – Trinity Hall (copped a Masters in Philosophy) and went on to get a (JD) at New York University. Then they hired her as a “Professor of Practice” and distinguished Scholar in Residence at NYU’s School of Law.” Folks, she went on to work in the US DOJ’s offices as (get this) “Special Litigation Counsel for Prosecuting Human Trafficking in Crimes and Criminals.” (now tha’s a mouth full). Anybody check her thesis’? Her Doctorate Thesis? Probably just like Jill Biden’s…”words without meanings.” Willing to bet Washington DC is full of “pompous posers” with fabricated Resume’s full of “words without meanings” Resumes. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV.Psalm 128 (God’s Law). 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really stupid Columbia U.’s marxist Frankfurt School’s Hegelian Sociological and Philosophical tripe spewing into our children’s heads with their indoctrination and ideology). God Bless.

  5. I have totally STOPPED donating to all Rep and Conservative organizations and candidates til at least ONE Dem. is put in jail.

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