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Biden’s FAA Prioritized ‘Racial Equity,’ ‘Inclusion’ Before System Crashed, Grounding All Domestic Flights

The Federal Aviation Administration revealed on Wednesday that its computer system had crashed, grounding all domestic departures.

Joe Biden’s administration had prioritized “Racial equity,” “inclusion,” “income inequality,” “environmental justice, and “climate change” in the Department of Transportation 2023 budget, allocating over $15 billion to these political concerns.

“The FAA is working to restore its Notice to Air Missions System,” the agency’s official Twitter account posted this morning. “We are performing final validation checks and reloading the system now. Operations across the National Airspace System are affected.”

“The FAA has ordered airlines to pause all domestic departures until 9 a.m. Eastern Time to allow the agency to validate the integrity of flight and safety information,” the agency revealed in another tweet.

While the FAA eventually reversed the grounding protocol for domestic flights, it still has not found the cause of the system malfunction, and is continuing to “look into the cause of the initial problem.”

Conservative commentators were quick to point that the Biden’s administration’s FAA budget seemed to focus on political issues instead of system integrity.

“The Budget requests an additional $20 million above the 2021 enacted level for the office of the Secretary to lead DOT’s efforts to promote equity and inclusion,” an excerpt from the 2023 budget provision read.

“With these resources, DOT would better ensure that historic investments under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law deliver resources and benefits equitably, including communities that have been historically underserved and adversely affected by persistent poverty or income inequality,” Biden officials added.

An additional $15.2 million in the budget provides for “environmental justice and climate change mitigation.”

When asked about the situation Wednesday morning, Biden confirmed, “I just spoke to [Transportation Secretary] Buttigieg and they don’t know what the cause is,” though “I told him to report directly to me when they find out.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.




25 Responses

  1. A very important fact that is not spoken about is that when the government uses the word Equity the action that it promotes is always Unconstitutional.

    1. Diversity, equity & inclusion are all unconstitutional. Equity = equal poverty & misery for all (except, of course, the elites). Diversity = divisiveness. Inclusion=all but straight white people, especially Christians& Jews.

  2. Lord help us! Biden Administration is destroying our Country!! Impeachment and McCarthy will be President. Kamal Toe can’t get out of her own way.😭

  3. Woke is a word that’s been bastardized by the left to make themselves look intelligent when they are just the opposite meaning to be aware of social issues they use to change our society. Truth is they’re never awake about anything and only lie to push their agendas.

  4. How much would it have cost for the DOT/FAA for the government to have installed redundancy/backup in the NOTAMs system? Surely a lot less than the money wasted on Democrat political correctness.

  5. WHY did they not simply revert to GCA personnel providing that information, as they did in the “good old days”, when pilots actually FLEW their planes & computers were not there yet, getting in the way of operations, with every little glitch? A good old fashioned wind sock could provide valuable input with a glance.

  6. When you have incapable and perverted people at the head of government departments you have disaster happening frequently.

  7. The woke nut-jobs must be celebrating the accomplishment of upsetting all that air travel and that many peoples’ schedules.
    They haven’t learned the lesson yet of..”go woke, go broke”.
    Along with many other lessons that their elders learned during their own childhood.

  8. The Democraps can’t wipe their assess without fucking it up. The Government is always in the way never helping. We need to abolish these agencies and go back to the old ways of doing things.

  9. Our government, at ALL LEVELS has become the most colossal, OUT of CONTROL, SELF SERVING, INCOMPETENT SWAMP of TOTALITARIAN ELECTED and UNELECTED TYRANTS that get worse and worse the longer they are in their jobs. Term limits and performance based retention of bureaucrats is the only hope to redemption!

  10. Agree with every point here. I wonder if there are trained controllers left who can actually, competently do GCA’s in this over computerized age? Kurt

    1. Not sure, but that is 1 place special, computerized radars have been a positive forward step in safety for passengers & cews. Being able to read altitude, as well as speed & direction make that job a bit less hair raising. The “old days”, there, left a lot to be desired, as I recall. Check the videos about the 1956 TWA/ UAL crash over the Grand Canyon for a graphic lesson on that; it was the incident that forced GCA & ATC into higher gear, & greater coverage. I remember when that crash happened & it’s aftermath. My Dad had been with TWA near 10 yrs by then & was flying transAtlantic flights routinely, where even radio contact was non-existent, between Gander & Shannon, unless a light or weather ship happened to be out, & in range. It was a pretty big “black hole”. After that ’56 incident a radio web across the most used routes was established; radar came much later, with satellite coverage.

  11. The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their policies and actions, shown daily.
    When you put people in positions because of their skin color or sexual preferences over knowledge and talent, you will never have a positive outcome.

  12. ” Racial Equity” from the guy who was pals with the KKK and said we can’t make jungles out of our schools!

  13. It was a test to see how they can shut everyone down and it worked. It’s all in their plan of control. Keep your eyes open

  14. King Midas turned everything he touched into gold, King Joe turns everything he touches to SHIT!!!!!!

  15. Not uncommon for government to piss money away on stuff not needed and avoid the things that are needed.

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