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Billionaire Democrat Chamath Palihapitiya Admits He Was Wrong About Trump

Billionaire investor and long-time Democrat voter Chamath Palihapitiya recently admitted he was wrong about former President Donald Trump, expressing an appreciation for what he was able to accomplish during his tenure.

On his podcast show “All-in-Podcast,” Palihapitiya stated that “Trump Derangement Syndrome did more damage than Trump ever did.” He further commented that “the Abraham Accords, the accords with Israel and the GCC, the almost accord between Israel and Saudi, to really be able to like find a long-lasting peace is just a real example for the world” and those involved in making it happen did “a lot of really great work.”

The Abraham Accords were signed on September 15th 2020 by leaders across the Middle East which marked a spectacular moment in history.

Palihapitiya went on to question the damage caused by “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS).

“This is a moment when you have to start to re-underwrite, is one’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ causing more damage than anything President Trump could have done? And I think the answer is yes,” Palihapitiya said, acknowledging that his previous criticisms were misguided.

“Because it is now causing us to not see that good work, and then embrace and extend it. So much of the work that happened in that administration turned out to have been right, and that is what is so frustrating for me,” he added.

The Sri Lankan-born Canadian and American investor expressed his dismay at the tendency to disregard valuable contributions simply due to who conveyed them.

He highlighted instances such as the construction of the boundary wall, utilising long-term debt to restructure when interest rates were at a minimum, and the development of a permanent peace agreement in the Middle East.

“When will we cease undermining our own progress? When are we going to pay attention to what is being said without factoring in its source?” Palihapitiya asked.


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