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Black Chicagoans Rise Up Against Democrats Particularly Black Democrats Over Spending for Illegal Immigrants

The Black communities in Chicago are rising up  against the Democrats who ignore these poor Black communities in favor of illegal aliens. Illinois is a blue state and Biden will win it in 2024 too. But, if enough votes shift towards Trump or many who will not vote could make the final tally much closer than you might suspect.

The Free Press,:

 “Chicago has greeted nearly 35,000 new arrivals with resources like laundry services, mental health screenings, and $15,000 in rental support per person — all funds that Truss says could’ve gone a long way in Amundsen Park in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, where nearly 28 percent of residents live below the poverty line.”

They have begun to harass and boo Black Democrats. Chicago had made promises to the Black communities that were never kept. This is why they resent the fact that they have been ignored while the city doles out tens of million are spent on the illegal aliens. Black communities resent the fact that Black office holders support the illegal aliens.

The city of Chicago is now facing seven lawsuits, at least three of them filed by people of color, all bound by a concern that their leaders would rather serve the migrants than their own vulnerable citizens. Truss is now represented by Deidre Baumann, a Democratic civil rights attorney working on a pro bono basis, along with her four co-plaintiffs, all of whom are black. A second suit, in the South Side, has two black plaintiffs. A third, in Chicago’s Brighton Park, is led by five Hispanic residents and one Asian American. 

Although critics often claim that only “extreme MAGA Republicans” oppose the record influx of migrants into the U.S., if you visit Chicago like I did earlier this month, you’ll see that these plaintiffs are not motivated by bigotry. Instead, most of them are minorities who feel their communities are getting the short end of the stick. 

From PJ Media

That’s not the half of it. One of the most Democratic cities in the nation is seeing its black politicians booed by angry residents in neighborhoods. The bottom line is that the crisis is leading a sizable number of black Chicagoans to consider sitting the 2024 election out or even voting for Donald Trump.

This wouldn’t affect the presidential race. Illinois is going to go for Biden no matter what happens with the vote in Chicago, but in statewide races, a falloff in support from black voters could lead to some upsets.

And it’s not just Chicago seeing black support dwindle for Democrats.

The crisis is leading many Democrats to turn on their own party. I spoke with 18 Democrats in Chicago, including a restorative justice advocate, a former Obama intern, and an exonerated felon, who all told me they’re considering sitting out the election this year rather than vote for President Joe Biden. A couple said they’re even thinking of voting for Donald Trump. It’s a phenomenon that’s being reflected in national polls, with Trump on track to win nearly a quarter of the black vote in key battleground states. That means that a fifth of black voters, who voted for Biden by a margin of 92 percent in 2020, could turn their back on the president.

If Donald Trump gets even 15% of the black vote, he wins in a landslide. 

Black leaders in Chicago have been trying to shift the focus away from the migrant crisis as Biden’s problem to labeling it a crisis that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) created. That may have worked at first, but no longer.

“What the Democratic Party doesn’t want black people to hear is that this is a Biden policy,” says J. Darnell Jones, another plaintiff suing the city. “Biden is allowing the borders to remain open.”

This resentment that Chicago’s black community manifested is not a permanent realignment — yet. But no voter likes to be taken for granted, and black Democrats are reaching a boiling point.




3 Responses

  1. It is about time the black people are finally catching on about the Democrat Party who has kept them on a plantation since the Johnson years, it has taken the invaders to wake them up.

  2. The problem is that these voters still have the “hand out” mentality. They see government as something that gives them “stuff”, and they are upset that the illegals are taking some of their free “stuff” from the government. It will be great if they vote for Trump, but in the end we need people who want freedom, jobs, a growing economy, a healthy national identity, law & order etc….

  3. All you idiot voters in Chicago have brought this on yourselves. You managed to get rid of Beatle Juice & what do you go & do? You elect someone even nuttier farther Left than she was. You had a perfectly good Liberal to vote for that would have given you better law enforcement, etc., but “NO”. You had to vote in yet another nut job Leftist Socialist!
    A true sign of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different outcome.

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