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Black Man Charged with Hate Crime After Shooting Two Strangers in the Back of the Head “Because They Were White”

A black man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly murdered two strangers because they were white. One in the local library and a second one in a convenience store.

Carlton Gilford was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of malicious intimidation or harassment. The last charge is what they call a hate crime in Oklahoma.

Tulsa Police Department wrote on Facebook:

“Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office charge Murder suspect, Carlton Gilford, with Hate Crime. Two weeks ago we arrested Gilford after he shot 2 people in the back of the head, one at Rudisil Library and the other at QuikTrip. At this time, there does not appear to have been any connection between the victims and the suspect.”

According to Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler’s interview with KOTV, Gilford shot the two men solely because they were white.

In a blue state that would not be a hate crime because the two men were white and not a protected class of citizen. Besides, they were 5racists because of their skin color and of course as we all know Blacks cannot be racists no matter how many people they kill.

Tulsa Police Department said:

“After examining the evidence from the case, District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, charged the suspect with the additional Hate Crime.” reported:

Police said Gilford went inside the Rudisill Library around 9:40 a.m., walked up behind a man sitting at a desk and shot him in the back of the head.

The victim, identified as 35-year-old Lundin Hathcock, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He died at the hospital.

Police said after the library shooting, Gilford ran to a nearby QuikTrip. Inside the convenience store, Gilford shot another man in the back of the head. When that victim fell to the ground, Gilford shot him a second time, police said.

The victim inside the QuikTrip was identified as 55-year-old James McDaniel. He died on the scene.

Police said surveillance video showed Gilford also fired shots at a security guard and another person outside the QuikTrip.

When police arrived, Gilford was standing outside the store and admitted to officers that he shot two people, Tulsa police said.

Gilford was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County Jail, where he is being held without bond. According to jail records, Gilford is homeless.

He is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of malicious intimidation or harassment – which is Oklahoma’s version of a hate crime charge.

KJRH reports that under Oklahoma law, there is no specific hate crime statute, but malicious intimidation or harassment includes targeting someone based on their race.





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    1. hanging on the county square would also work at detering others to do this.

    2. Old Sparky is way too humane. Electricity flows at the same speed as light so the brain is fried before the pain hits it. All the Smoke, Fire, jumping around, and flying juices, are just aftermath of the person being dead. In fact Sparky is much quicker death than any other one. I believe we need to bring back the rope and noose. Crimes such as these are so bad that no black, white, brown, yellow, or red person would have any mercy on him. A cold blooded human being ended several lives for nothing other than hate, racism, and with the use of an illegally operated gun. He has already admitted guilt and deserves to die as quick as possible. Why should any tax payer have to contribute one cent to his well being after what he did?

  1. Well, you can lay this at the feet of the commie media! ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC! Disgusting purveyors of violence,hate,filth,racism,criminal acts AND anti Americanism!

  2. Oklahoma is a death penalty state. This case demands that it be applied.

  3. Wonder if we whites riot and steal like the blacks do every time one of their race gets killed if the police would let the whites get away with it without any charges like they do blacks.

  4. It was OBVIOUSLY “SELF DEFENSE”, because HE is BLACK !!!!! If he is convicted, Old Uncle AL will call for a NATIONAL PROTEST(RIOT) BY THE BLACKS to free their TOTALLY INNOCENT BROTHER, or they will “BURN THE MOTHER DOWN” !!!! Disgusting Primates !!!!

    1. Then the black family will get millions of dollars, because of white racism. We all know this same old story by now.

    2. Exactly, And if you strangle someone with 44 prior arrests, some serious like pushing someone off the platform onto subway tracks, you get in trouble for doing a public service and they start to protest.
      They say, “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”
      Well, I say, this crap will continue until EVERYONE* is armed and everyone has to be on their best behavior. Or else.
      *Passed background check and verifiied capable of good judgement, with No priors.

  5. just another asshole!
    where did the gun come from!
    Was he a legal gun owner,licensed
    and trained !
    Oh,was not him,was the gun,it told him
    it(the gun) wanted to shot the white boy.
    enough said.

  6. Publicly televised hangings for murders.
    For rapists, emasculation via elastrator, the scrotum is deprived of blood below the rubber band causing the bag to dry up and fall off.

    We must return to meaningful deterrents.

  7. The Progressives formed during the 1890s with eugenics, sterilizations and forcing the unfit into communal living areas; all precursors to the Nazi Holocaust which they monetarily and actively supported.
    Never underestimate evil.
    Persons with psychological issues were released from institutions due to civil rights violations; reality is that they are easy to manipulate.
    Progressives want gun control and to arrest ProLife persons so state that Republicans and Christians are denying transgenders their rights and 6 people are murdered at a Christian school.
    That is one example.
    Encourage the black population in the I am victim status and watch as they destroy themselves which saves Democrats from active involvement.
    Research Margaret Sanger and those of her ilk; how they despised the immigrants arriving in the US and the labelling them as weeds and that they are ‘breathing our air and drinking our water’ and how this was the Nazi agenda.

  8. what’ worse is some jack ass who is opinionated as hell, is going to moderate our comments. Who gave them the authority (against our constitutional rights) to tell us what we can & can’t say.

  9. Crimes committed by African-Americans against Caucasians in America are under reported and minimized. Social scientists have unleashed a tsunami of hate pushed on by white guilt. It is baloney, bologna and B.S. What am I guilty of because my great, great grand-father was a slave owner? I was taught to respect all people and base my judgments of them by what they did and how they behaved. What are descendants of Union soldiers, especially the killed in action, guilty of? What are whites whose ancestors came to this country after slavery ended guilty of? Most white Americans today have no connection through family history to slavery. Where is their guilt?

  10. This is what rope was invented for! Capitol punishment for murder!

  11. This has to be laid at the feet of the lying race baiting mainstream media, and their evil partners in crime, the Democrat Party. It’s funny that I have not seen this on any news stations. If it were reversed, and he was white, it would be on a loop on these state run commie stations. They need to be held responsible. Just like Chuck Schumer threatening SCOTUS justices, Maxine Waters stiring up her useful idiots, and AOC and the “Squad” constantly stiring up their braindead followers.

  12. Let me see if I can get this once again straight….WE have the leftist lemming media and leftist crowds shouting, marching, protesting because a White citizen choke-holed a black guy on a subway car, who was basically deranged.
    Yet, here we have a black male who ‘intentionally, went out of his way to kill white people, and the entire leftist media, and the leftist follower crowds are no where to be seen!

  13. I need ‘three hots and a cot,’ what better way than to eliminate two white crackers as well⁉️💀🤬😈

  14. Why was this disgusting episode not splashed across local, cable, and network news nationwide?

    Two suggestions: (1) Vote NOT DEMOCRAT.
    (2) Vote NOT DEMOCRAT!

  15. Like I’ve always said, we should’ve HIRED the Indians to pick the cotton.

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