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Bob Mueller’s Pit Bull Andrew Weissmann Says Goverment Should Control Fox News

Mueller\s pit bull and disgraced prosecutor claim that Fox News be put under government control based on their content, which leans towards conservatives, but he does not ask for the same from CNN and MSNBC both of them live on fake news stories. Weissmann is most noted for sending innocent men to prison by withholding exculpatory evidence and the destruction of the top 5 accounting firms in the US at the time, Arthur Anderson. Eighty-five thousand people lost their jobs when Anderson was falsely convicted.

Attorney Sidney Powell shared the following about Andrew Weissmann:

The hallmark of the Department of Justice for decades has been to seek justice not convictions and if that meant letting a guilty person go free to make sure the government did it all right, then that was supposed to happen.

But Mr. Weissman, he couldn’t spell the word “ethics” despite the fact somebody actually had him teach a course in it one time, I think over in England.  His mantra is ‘the end justifies the means’… he targets people, individuals. And you’re right, I had no doubt from the moment he was picked for the Mueller Special Counsel operation, that he would have filed RICO charges against President Trump and seized every asset he ever had, if there had been any way he could do that.

He’s just filled with hatred for apparently most Americans and certainly anybody affiliated with President Trump.  And he’s willing to do anything to destroy them. 

Attorney David Schoen shared on Weissmann:

I have said, from my personal experience at least with this case, I consider Andrew Weissmann to be the most ethically bankrupt prosecutor I have ever encountered, and that’s a pretty broad spectrum of prosecutors over the course of my career…

Roger Stone says about Weissmann:

I believe what the bible says in Hebrews 10: Vengence is served for the Lord – but there is a special place in hell for Andrew Weissmann.”

Rudy Giuliani, former New York prosecutor, America’s mayor, and President Trump’s friend and attorney has much to say about Weissmann’s corruption.

Andrew is a desecration of a prosecutor.  He is, he is a person who has disgraced every single ethical tenet that prosecutors hold dear.

I personnally went through…the things that he did to [Paul] Manafort which was psychologial torture that he wouldn’t be allowed to do in a prison camp.

He indicts people for crimes that don’t exist.  He makes them up.  He’s been reversed by the Supreme Court for doing that unanimously.  The only reason he’s kept in the Justice Department is he’s a convenient tool for the Democrats who want to criminalize politics.

He is sort of expert at criminalizing politics.  He’s a very, very dangerous man.  He’s had enough, found, proven ethical violations that he should have been fired a long time ago.  And he’s only there because the Justice Department and the FBI at the highest levels are no longer the creature of the government of laws.  They’re now the state police, as if we were in East Germany, the Soviet Union or current China

The Daily Caller reported on Weissmann’s comments.

MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann suggested Friday that the U.S. government should regulate Fox News as a punishment following the outlet’s settlement with Dominion…

“You need to have the government step in to have some kind of regulation of that kind of conduct,” Weissmann added.

Here are some details of Weissmann’s corrupt actions:

EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMAN PART I: The Many Corrupt Acts of Former DOJ Attorney and Mueller “Pitbull” Andrew Weissmann

EXCLUSIVE – ANDREW WEISSMANN PART II: 80,000 Innocent Professionals Lost Their Jobs Due to a Weissmann Indictment that Was Ultimately Overturned by Supreme Court





7 Responses

  1. OK Then apply same Controls to:
    CBS NBC ABC PBS VOA NPR Local Fox News, Vice, Salon

  2. well, actually FUKK NO, you can’t do that and I do wish you demon dems would understand that we have 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, so F U and your one world gov’t

  3. Government control of the news ? What part of “freedom of the press ” don’t you get Mr Weissman ? I guess our Constitution means nothing to you . Hello , the First Amendment !!!!

  4. What isn’t understood in the Constitution, and further enumerated in the I Amendment;

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Clear with no equivocation in wording ! ” CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW —–; “ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR OF THE PRESS”


    And since Congress Can Make No Law …… There is no jurisdiction for the Courts to adjudicate …….. Civil or Criminal.

  5. Andy (boy) Weissmann and Roberta Mueller needs to be ARRESTED , IMPRISONED and shot for TREASON ! Between Mueller and Weissmann R the Ones that started with this CRAP ! And they both need to be HUNG by the Neck until *ead…

  6. I believe Weissmann needs to be under government control—-as behind bars in Federal prison

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