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BOMBSHELL!: Ukrainian Politician Who Broke the Biden-Burisma Corruption Story – Sits for FIRST INTERVIEW in Two Years-Will Release Bombshell Report on January 10th

Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden are probably in panic over the fact that former Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach, the man that first exposed Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

Derkach plans on releasing the full report on the Biden family dealings in Ukraine on January 10th. He has said that he has continued his investigation since he broke the news originally.

He claims he now has new and damning information that will come out after the upcoming interview.

I have no idea what his new evidence is but I wonder if he got the tapes that include Hunter and Joe Biden. Certainly, that would truly be a bombshell.

But, if that was the case I believe it would have been public by now. But, whatever her does have must be something we do not currently know.

They are being very secretive and that makes me think whatever he has could be pure dynamite. One thing I am certain of is mainstream media won’t touch the story.

Andriy Derkach became known to the world media after a number of high-profile corruption revelations, including the Biden wheeling and dealing in Ukraine.

From The Gateway Pundit

Among the evidence presented by Derkach, which without the resistance of the democratic leadership of the United States could have led to the end of Joe Biden’s political career long ago, were shadowy earnings of the Biden family due to protection of the interests of the Ukrainian mining company Burisma; political cover-up of an international corruption scheme to use the developed structure of Ukrainian grant organizations that embezzled financial aid provided at the expense of American taxpayers; offshoring of billions of dollars due to Ukraine’s transfer to reverse natural gas supplies; accountability of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to the US Embassy in the investigation of high-profile criminal cases, direct blackmailing of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko for the sake of firing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who came too close to the Bidens in the Burisma investigation.

It was also Derkach who first presented audio recordings of phone conversations between Biden and Poroshenko (known today as the “Derkach tapes”), and it was Derkach who proved the interference of the Democrat-created National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) in the 2016 presidential election on the side of Hillary Clinton.

Many American journalists, lawyers and congressmen at the time highly appreciated the evidence collected and publicized by Derkach, who proved the existence of an extensive structure of international corruption in Ukraine. Each public statement of Andriy Derkach was accompanied by indisputable documentary evidence in the form of official papers. A separate large area of Derkach’s work was the investigation of the so-called “Democorruption”, which attracted the attention of a reputable American investigator, prosecutor, lawyer and attorney – Rudy Giuliani, with whom Derkach planned to consolidate efforts on intergovernmental investigative activities.

More From The Gateway Pundit:

However, after Derkach’s persecution by the U.S. and Ukrainian authorities, which included not only deprivation of citizenship and the status of people’s deputy, but also the opening of criminal cases and even an attempt to physically eliminate him by special services, the fate of Andriy Derkach remained unknown for a long time.

American journalists found out that Derkach had been forced to leave the territory of Ukraine, had not been active in public activities for almost two years and was focused on searching for and analyzing new evidence of international corruption activities, including those related to the Biden family’s activity in Ukraine.

Sensational facts presented by Andrei Derkach in an interview with the US media may become another step towards the possible impeachment of the incumbent US president.





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  1. I’m frankly tired of the term “bombshell” that always turns out to be crying wolf. It might be a “bombshell” if anything ever comes of this stuff. So far, Biden is snubbing his nose at the feckless Republicans.

  2. Goodbye Mr. Derkach, it was nice knowing you. I can hear Sniffin’ Joe on the phone, “Killary, I need a favor”.

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