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BOOM: Pelosi, AOC, and Numerous Other Democrats Hit With Ethics Complaints

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) said the Democrats “repeatedly” used official resources for political gain. Democrats have gotten away with flaunting the law for so long that they never even bother to hide what they are doing, so will the ethics committee let these obvious violations slide or issue no punishment while agreeing these acts are illegal? My guess is yes because these are Democrats who are above the law.

Members of Congress are forbidden to use pictures or videos of them making speeches in the Capitol or to use govermen6t assets in any way to raise money for their campaigns but that does not stop them because they do not have to pay a price for breaking the law just like they don’t pay a price for conducting voter fraud.

The Democrats named in FACT’s complaint include Democratic Reps. Nancy Pelosi of California, Cori Bush of Missouri, Jamaal Bowman of New York, Sean Casten of Illinois, Greg Casar of Texas, Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida, Ted Lieu of California, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Ritchie Torres of New York. Although Democratic Rep. Ayanna Presley of Massachusetts was not mentioned in the release, exhibits of her allegedly using official resources for political gain were included in the examples filed with the complaint.

The release said:

“The rules additionally reiterate that campaign social media accounts cannot contain any official content or resources and cannot re-post official social media posts.”

From The Gateway Pundit

To make its point, the complaint attached 91 pages of examples.

One example showed Pelosi using House video on a campaign website. Another showed Omar using C-Span footage on her Instagram account, while another example showed Pressley speaking on the House floor in a post on X.

“These violations are rampant and obvious, and clearly the OCE’s failure to act has encouraged continued violations. This failure has also incentivized these Members to use House proceedings for political campaigning rather than doing what is in the best interest of the country,” Kendra Arnold, Executive Director of FACT, said in the release.

“Likewise, it is also clear why these Members are doing this, it’s for a political advantage and one that is paid for by the taxpayers. The OCE has both the authority and a clear responsibility to ensure each ethics violation is dealt with swiftly. Not doing so both permits clear violations to continue and erodes the public’s trust in the OCE itself,” she said.

“Currently, numerous Members are using official House resources for political purposes and are doing so both repeatedly and publicly,” FACT wrote in a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics.

“The law quite clearly forbids this, yet a handful of Members continue to do so. The most obvious violations are Members using official government resources to campaign on their political social media accounts or using official government platforms to campaign,” the letter said.

“The failure to address this egregious practice has permitted these Members to continue committing violations to this day with impunity. Though to some it may seem like a simple thing on the surface, the Members choosing to break this law do it for a reason — it advantages them politically,” the letter of complaint said.

The complaint said legislators break the rules because there is no punishment for doing so.

“Not acting upon obvious violations not only permits them to continue but it erodes the public’s trust,” the complaint said.





2 Responses

  1. The term—-“Representatives of the People.” no longer exists in the USA. Most of these DEI/DNC Biden government people operates on me, myself and I.

  2. The list of names above in the article are only some of the treasonous entities in Congress. None of them ever stand up for America. They do, however always stand up for other countries. That is treason. I’d like to send them to the country they each stand up for without money to spend the rest of their lives there and NEVER be allowed back into America.

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