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Brawl Between Women In Las Vegas Hotel Attributed To Adulterous Affair

The recent fight between four women at the Wynn Las Vegas is a cautionary tale of the dangers of infidelity and betrayal.

According to a police report, the altercation was sparked by one woman’s adulterous relationship with another woman’s husband.

The video footage shows Danielle Pertusiello, 24, in a two-piece dress with her skirt hiked up around her waist and thong exposed as she squares off with Amanda Collado, 29, against a woman wearing cut-off jeans and a halter top.

The heavily redacted police report reveals that the three women were involved in an aggressive catfight which began when Pertusiello and Collado were hit from behind by closed fists in the back of their heads.

Pertusiello explained to officers that she had been dating/sleeping with a married man whose wife had previously caught him cheating on her with Pertusiello.

The scorned wife allegedly initiated the physical altercation. The cellphone video which exploded on social media captures partway through the fight showing Pertusiello and the wife engaged in a hair-pulling wrestling match on the floor while bystanders record it all on their phones.

In another clip posted to Instagram, Pertusiello is seen dragging the blonde from her motorized scooter as she gets yanked by her hair.

In order to protect themselves from potentially volatile situations such as this one, people should be mindful of who they choose to associate themselves with so that they can avoid potential heartache or worse yet – violent confrontations like this one at all costs.

After interviewing Pertusiello, three officers watched security footage which showed how quickly things escalated into an all out brawl amongst these four women over what appears to be romantic entanglements gone wrong due to infidelity and mistrust.

Pertusiello and Collado were issued citations for disorderly conduct but released without further incident after being detained in holding cells at the casino until authorities could investigate further into what happened that day at Wynn Las Vegas.





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    dating, sleeping with a married man
    What else can be said that her very large gross Injected Haunches does already say? “She made a Donkey out of herself”
    She and her boy friend should be exiled from all Wyn Properties

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  3. Should have put them on stage in a ring with no ref, Neither one has a bit of beauty, just obesity

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