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BREAKING: Pro Basketball Player Who Blamed Vaccine For Heart Condition Tragically Dies

Tragically, Dominican basketball player Oscar Cabrera Adames passed away this week due to an apparent heart attack after an exercise test. According to Héctor Gómez, a Dominican sports commentator, the 28-year-old was undergoing a stress test at a health center in Santo Domingo.

Adames previously stated that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine had caused him to develop myocarditis – a rare heart condition that weakens the heart and its electrical system, thus decreasing its ability to pump blood.

“I got a damn Myocarditis from taking a f—ing vaccine. (I got 2 doses of Pfizer) And I knew it! Many people warned me,” Cabrera Adames previously wrote on social media.

He made it clear that he only got the shot because it was a work requirement and expressed frustration at the situation as he had no pre-existing health problems. In addition, he underwent 11 cardiology tests with no findings after his collapse during a match that almost cost him his life the first time.

“But guess what? It was compulsory or I couldn’t work. I am an international professional athlete and I am playing in Spain. I have no health problem, nothing, not hereditary, no asthma, NOTHING! I suddenly collapsed to the ground in the middle of a match and almost died. I’m still recovering and I’ve had 11 different cardiology tests done and guess? They find nothing.”

Adames’s collapse happened during a 2021 Spanish Amateur Basketball League game. He fainted during the game and was later transported to a hospital on a stretcher.

Many are now questioning whether this could be a direct result of Adames’ vaccination and suggest that further investigation should be done into the possible connection between vaccines and myocarditis or other serious adverse effects.

Please pray for Adames’ family members. This is such a tragic story.




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  1. The vaccines are a death sentence. The more ambitious and active a person is, the more chance of having myocarditus. Millions have died as a result of the vaccines. Why are people so disinclined to do any research on this issue? Are they afraid of the answers? I know when this CVD first started, the news media was pushing the vaccines, people went out to the vaccine centers and begged for the vaccine. They didn’t even consult thier doctors. The news media has no degrees in viruology or medicine PERIOD!! They do not have a licencse to practice medicine, so why are so many people led by the nose by the news media? I don’t get it. As with the flu, go to your doctoer first, then go get the vaccine if your doctor tells you to. Quit allowing the news media to control you.

    1. Well Allen alot of doctors were led by the nose also.They were also pushing an experimental vaccine.There were quite a few doctors and hospitals refusing to treat people who didn’t want to take these shots

    2. I tried to warn everybody about the vaccine but nobody would listen. Now people are DYING all around the world. PHIZER KNEW ALL OF THIS ALREADY. That’s why they used the media and paid them $$$ HANDSOMELY!!!

      1. Earnest T Bass; you’re right and I did the same with hard evidence from some of the top scientists and epidemiologists in the world who had the truth about this vaccine campaign!

    3. I am not going to say that the vaccine is blameless in this incident. My wife and I have taken all 5 of the shots that have been offered….NO PROBLEMS. The vaccine SAVES more lives than it takes….Given my age and the odds of dying of the Covid, I will take EVERY shot that is recommended.

      1. At my age of 82 last year went into the hospital for a foot infection from stepping on a thorn. Declined to get the covid-19 shot but got covid-19 from the staff in the hospital of which all were wearing masks. The only thing I got from covid-19 was lost of taste and still don’t have my taste back 100% after almost 10 months. So at my age it is obvious covid-19 isn’t even as dangerous as the flu. The vaccine saves more lives that it takes, sure would hope so but making that statement seems like you think if it saves 51% that’s acceptable .

        1. Glenn; I agree with your view and for good reason, not just all of the science I read from some of the top epidemiologists in the world that disagreed with the jab campaign but I had three relatives in their early 80’s that took all of the jabs and they all died within a couple of months of one another! That is no coincidence as they were doing pretty good health-wise before the jabs and then after getting them they are all dead!

          I don’t accept any foolish BS that these shots were safe when they weren’t even properly tested and vetted over many years as all vaccines used to be tested and developed as a proper protocol, but somehow this warp speed drive to make them was OK in no time flat, and somehow they are just dandy for most people; even when they are not really a vaccine but a gene manipulating therapy experiment! I say for most people it’s worse than “Russian Roulette” to do such a thing! God created mankind with a “great immune system” and if a person takes take of their health with proper diet and good healthy living along with common sense there isn’t anything better! I do not trust men or science to be “the cure all and end all” to life!

          Also the protocol for treatment in the hospitals was all wrong, they were putting patients on ventilators immediately which can complicate many respiratory situations if not required and that along with “mandatory” Remdesivir, which was wrong to use also, as the Endothelium or inner lining of our blood vessels, especially dangerous with small lung capillaries, “were being broken down,” leading to acute double pneumonia, and that along with the drug side effect which also causes renal failure is a proven fact; so this method was “a death sentence” within 5 days! This while Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were being banned from use, which “actually did cure people;” that I’m actually sure of via a homeopathic doctor that was doing that through the pandemic, until a state health department shut him down in spite of this positive result with such treatment! I read that in India massive numbers of people were being treated this way in some states or provinces there with predominately positive lifesaving results! Did they shut the hospitals or the doctors in here in America down that were using the aforementioned ventilator protocol treatment when the patients on those ventilators were dying left and right, like my relatives and a wonderful friend who was a great human being? NO they did not, as that was the plan and the politics, money and power were driving the whole ugly affair!

    4. Allen; True what you point out; but I know that the Mass Media who run massive add campaigns for Big Pharma were acting as a propaganda arm for them, the government and Globalists; who are pushing the Reset to Control us all! I recall even my own relatives or close friends being conned and saying that its our Patriotic Duty like back before WWII when many young men some of whom even cheated being only 16 years old and they signed up or enlisted to save Freedom and our Nation from a massive evil. Same sort of mind set only this time it was not justified at all and was a huge LIE! WWII was a time to take a stand and be willing to die to save good and our families for REAL; but this was an evil scam and now many people realize they were duped and are very sad; Evil got the upper-hand! I’m sad that more didn’t see the truth clearly and tell the Media to “go to hell!” Very horrible trick was played on the world and I’m very sad about it!
      God bless.

    1. Earnest T Bass; far too many folks are still in denial of the facts and Truth!
      Sadly in time it’s going to be so apparent that they won’t be able to deny any longer; as it will be biting them in the ass!

  2. C’mon man! The government stated it was safe and necessary, Something about a world overpopulation problem?

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