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Bud Light Returns to Twitter with “Dumb” Commercial and Gets Obliterated So Badly They Hide the Replies (VIDEO)

Bud Light thought after two months the time was right to return. But conservatives had other ideas.

After two months of silence, Bud Light decided to return to Twitter with a new summer-themed advertisement. The commercial attempted to portray the company as lighthearted and carefree while trying to avoid any controversy or wokeness.

Unfortunately, the ad failed in its mission; it depicted individuals making fools of themselves by spilling food and beer all over themselves and falling into water.

Many accused Bud Light of disregarding the criticism they had received previously for shoving Dylan Mulvaney in America’s face. Some suggested that instead of trying to focus on funny situations, Bud Light should have gone back to their 90s content which was much more palatable than this latest effort.


Of course, ads showing individuals humiliating themselves is not what former customers were looking for. Not surprisingly, Bud Light got absolutely roasted in the comments section.

Here are some of the most brutal replies:

Here is a better look:




5 Responses

  1. The real American truth is the fact that a normal person does not want a faggot around them or their children so media portrays being queer as the new normal..beg pardon it is far from is what it has always been..a sickness..!..the pride flag..?..should be the shame flag..!

  2. Liberals never understand why people do not like to stereotyped and mocked. Liberals truly believe it is just innocent fun.
    When Obamacare was its first year, the CO state government launched a series of ads that ran for months to boost signups for it. There were about 20 different ads and they ran several times a week in prime time. The tag line for each ad was “Got insurance, Bro?”
    Actors from their early 20s to mid 30s, were portrayed as drunk/high, doing high-risk, idiotic stunts. They variously broke through windows, wrecked their cars, fell down stairs, jumped off rooftops, broke arms, legs, or set themselves on fire, a group of friends would applaud, smile at the camera, and ask, “Got insurance, Bro?”

  3. Everyone loved and respected the Clydesdales. Why didn’t they go back to a real winner and do something Patriotic? They must have the dumbest advertising department in America. Making their customers look like idiots isn’t what I’d say is a good “first” attempt at an “I’m sorry”.

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