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BUSTED: Rep. Lauren Boebert Baits Yoel Roth, Catches Him in Lie UNDER OATH

Rep. Lauren Boebert stumbled into an absolute goldmine on Wednesday while questioning former Twitter executive Yoel Roth, catching him in a lie while he was under oath.

Big oof!

Former top Twitter executives appeared before the House Overnight committee on Wednesday to give their testimony on the social media platform’s interference with the 2020 presidential election.

During the hearing, Boebert caught Roth in a lie when she asked, “Did you shadow-ban my account? Yes or no?”

Roth denied banning her account, but that was NOT the truth, and Boebert knew that. She was baiting him to see if he would lie or not, and he did not pass the test.

“The answer is Mr. Roth, yes you did!” Boebert immediately clapped back. “I found out last night from Twitter staff that you supressed my account for this tweet: “Hillary must be pissed it took until 2020 to successfully rig an election.’”

She asserted, “It’s a freakin’ joke about Hillary Clinton being angry she couldn’t rig her own election!”

Boebert berated, “You silenced me from communicating with the American people over a fricken’ joke. Who the hell do you think you are?”


Whooo. This fiery congresswoman came with receipts to back up her claims!! What an icon!

“I received this document from Twitter staff last night.It shows that Twitter 1.0 executives shadow banned me as a sitting Member of Congress,” Boebert tweeted shortly after. “If they did that to me, imagine the millions of Americans that will never know they were silenced by these woke execs.”

The document she included is labeled as a “Deep-Dive Assessment of @laurenboebert,” which is her Twitter handle.

The document clearly states that her tweet “received a civic integrity misinformation label” and was therefore slammed with “90-days of account level visibility filtering.”

Political commentator Collin Rugg tweeted in response to the Roth’s denial, “What happens to people who lie under oath?”

Great question. Americans, like myself, will be eagerly waiting to see if justice is served piping hot, or if this is swept under the rug with all the rest of our government’s corruption.



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